Once again, I have to apologize for a late Tater Trot Tracker post. I got too excited about the World Tour at the Sphinx post this afternoon, and decided to spend my free time working on that rather than the Tracker. I think it was worth it.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Chris Young, Arizona Diamondbacks – 23.26 seconds [video]
I know, in my head, that I shouldn't let myself get seduced by the home runs of Chris Young and Justin Upton and the rest of the Diamondbacks. After all, they're hitting in Coors Field 2.0 down there in Phoenix. Even so, I can't help but enjoy those majestic bombs on a seemingly daily basis. I'm afraid I may be relapsing into 1998.

Also, note the hop Young does at first base as the ball clears the fence and he realizes he just tied the game up in the bottom of the ninth. That's the kind of emotion we should see more of.

Slowest Trot: Melky Cabrera, Kansas City Royals – 23.81 seconds [video]
A 23.81 second trot is nothing to be upset about. On most nights, we wouldn't even notice it. Just bad luck for Melky, I guess. It does give us a good reason to watch his home run, though, which was quite pretty in its own right.

Quickest Trot: Fred Lewis, Cincinnati Reds – 19.47 seconds [video]
Thank god for Lewis. I'm scared to know what would have happened to our world if Eric Hinske (19.57 seconds) had the quickest trot of the night…


All of Today's Trots

Melky Cabrera......23.81       Mark Trumbo........21.62
Lance Berkman......23.72       Jay Bruce..........21.31
Justin Smoak.......23.55       Martin Prado.......20.83
Chris Young........23.26       Raul Ibanez........20.31
Brennan Boesch.....23.01*      Gerardo Parra......19.76
Carlos Beltran.....22.89*      Eric Hinske........19.57
Shane Victorino....22.89       Fred Lewis.........19.47
Mike Fontenot......22.35
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