Another week, another two-plus hours of Jason Parks and myself rambling. It's a pitching heavy podcast as we take emails on mechanics, tipping and velocity, before getting into a longer discussion about what makes a good fastball (it's not just velocity). The it's our much anticipated listener of the week, Kent The FBI guy. Forty-five minutes later we're still not quite sure what he does, but it certainly was interesting. Due to popular demand, Not Jim Tracy returns to break down the first month of the 2011 season, and then it's the goofy stuff with Portal 2 talk and more adventures on the stage. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 48: "An Alien Of Extraordinary Ability"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome to the show, here's what we're talking about today

Stuff We Talked About This Episode

Skull Orchard Revisited: Art, Words, and Music by Jon Langford

$13.57  (32% off) at

Portal 2 by Valve

$29.99  (40% off) (PC) at
$34.99  (42% off) (PS3) at
$34.99  (42% off) (XBox 360) at

4:19 Housekeeping: Email, Twitter, Facebook, that kind of crap

6:28 Emails!

  • Everyone loves my mother, and yes, she's is real
  • Scouting two-way players
  • How teams approach drafting in the later rounds
  • Arm slots and tipping pitches and how it's not so easy to fix
  • Boarding school and velocity upticks
  • Are guys throwing harder than ever?
  • Do we care about numbers? Of course we do

47:47 Prospects off to weird, but good starts: Montero, Hosmer, Altuve

58:34 The Cleveland Indians . . . really?

1:07:49 More Pitching Talk: Fastballs are more than just velocity

1:22:43 Listener Of The Week: Kent, The FBI Guy

2:11:25 The return of Not Jim Tracy on the first month of the 2011 season

2:13:31 Music Guest: Jon Langford

2:15:52 What Are You Drinking?

2:17:44 Pop Culture Moment: Portal 2

2:22:33 That Just Happened: Theater, Improv, and Immigration

2:27:35 The week ahead, and wrapping this up, bonus Matt Szczur argument

Music is by Jon Langford from the album, Skull Orchard Revisited, Copyright 2011. Courtesy of Bloodshot Record (@bshq)

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Not Jim Tracy PLUS an Ozzie Guillen cameo? Dream Episode.
Plus Jon Langford, who is indeed an alien of extraordinary ability.
Agreed! Already fanboyed out via Twitter re. Langford and didn't want to belabor (belabour?) the point, but hell yes.
Bought Portal 2 Sunday night when a friend tipped me off to the discounted Amazon price, installed it with no problem on my Windows 7 PC last night, hope to get into it this weekend.

Sorry to read that you won't be at the NYC ESPN event, Kevin. :-(

You might want to get Portal 1 first. It's like 10 bucks right now on steam.
Yeah, when I heard the podcast, I knew I should start with that. Didn't know I could get "1" separately from "Orange Box". Thanks KG!
I like the links on the side for stuff talked about during the podcast - already ordered the stopwatch and scorebook that were previously mentioned. Another great episode.
Loved this Podcast. this pitching conversation was extremely informative and entertaining.

Love the Ken the FBI guy interview as well. Great ?'s
Does anyone know of a good podcast app for android? the one i have only gives me the BP articles but won't pick up the podcasts.
Where is the week of May 8th's podcast? Can't wait!