No time to waste this morning. Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Ike Davis, New York Mets – 23.27 seconds [video]
The Diamondbacks and Mets forgot they were playing at Citi Field and not Chase Field on Saturday. Balls were flying all over that park, but none was hit harder than Ike Davis's third inning blast. It landed in the top row of the second deck. That's like hitting it out of Yankee Stadium… or to the warning track in Petco.

Slowest Trot: Carlos Lee, Houston Astros – 27.48 seconds [video]
For other players, I might be tempted to see the 27.48 second trot against a former team and speculate that maybe the batter was trying to subtly stick it to the old team and its fans. But, with Carlos Lee, I just see a slow man running slow. It's a tad slower than his normal trot, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Alex Rodriguez's grand slam should also be noted here, clocking in at 26.39 seconds (video). At least Alex had the excuse of three baserunners in his slow trot.

Quickest Trot: Brett Gardner, New York Yankees – 18.03 seconds [video]
I'm getting used to seeing Brett Gardner here on the quickest trots list. I'm not sure he's capable of anything slower than this. He touched home plate only two or three steps behind the man on first. Johnny Damon had a nice, quick 18.93 second trot in Toronto.

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And that was a curveball he hit that far. Day-umm. I think Davis gets an automatic entry into the "Tater of the Year" contest.