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It's another podcast, you know the drill. We do emails, we talk about Matt Purke, Mike Leake and when your favorite prospect is getting to the big leagues, and then we have a fascinating talk with Clayton Hamilton, who pitches for the Yokohama BayStars. Interviews with stars are boring. Where else could you get tales of four-figure bonus negotiations, wrongly diagnosed injuries, dominating a beer league and playing during the big earthquake? Nowhere, that's where. Then it's the goofy stuff, with music and why this thing is a day late, yet certainly not a dollar short. As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 46: "Mr. Drummond Is Bad News"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome, let's review the agenda!

3:52 Housekeeping: Email, twitter, Facebook, all that jazz

6:43 Email

  • Does clutch ability really exist?
  • Draft workouts with bonus KG story time
  • Unique paths into big league front offices
  • When is a breakout actually a breakout?
  • Using a stopwatch to measure velocity
  • How the podcast has altered operations an a prestigious European University
  • An introduction to the Verducci scale

34:46 Draft update and Matt Purke's bad week

46:55 I don't know when your favorite prospect is coming to the big leagues

56:03 Mike Leake's petty crime as an entry point to a makeup discussion

1:05:51 Lets talk about the Dodgers even though we don't know anything

1:07:45 Special Guest: Clayton Hamilton, RHP, Yokahoma BayStars

  • Signing bonus hijinks
  • Throwing hard = getting innings
  • The mysterious oblique injury
  • Returning to Texas
  • Getting a call from Japan during the World Series Of Poker
  • Dominating in a beer league
  • Flying across the Pacific
  • Playing a game during the big quake
  • The differences of baseball in Japan and language barriers

2:03:47 Music Guest: WAXEATER

2:05:19 What Are You Drinking?

2:08:22 Mental Status Updates: Fullbright scholarships and writer's block

2:20:57 That Just Happened: I might be on stage

2:24:23 The Week Ahead and dealing with commenters

Music is by WAXEATER from the album, Sleeper, Copyright 2010.

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Clayton Hamilton interview was phenomenal. So great.
Just listened to the entire interview a second time. Wholeheartedly agree that his story is far more interesting than Albert Pujols'. "I've succeeded at every level in everything I've ever done" isn't nearly as interesting as Hamilton's trials and tribulations. I'm a Hamilton and Bay Stars fan for life now.
My thoughts exactly. What a hell of a story.
Ho hum, just another day of hijinx and thievery in Brooklyn. That was awesome!
I missed the first 10 or so of these because of Deepwater Horizon and I have been hesitant to jump on board the podcast since. It seems too clique-ish for me. Every chat with Goldstein or Parks seems like a bunch of inside references that I've missed out on.
Absolutely not. Are all welcome and the references change by the week. Come on in, the water is fine.
Don't want to spoil it for those who haven't listened yet (I skipped ahead to the "mental status" portion). Let me just say "congrats" to both of you guys.
Jason, there are the seeds of a fantastic book project for you in what's coming down the pipe. Just sayin', in case it is of use in the immediate future.
If anybody wants to find the Victoria at Wrigley, it's available (at least...) on the main concourse on the 3rd base side near the entrance to section 14. They're kinda expensive at 7 bucks, but hey, it's great ballpark beer.
You're welcome, John. ;-)

Re clutch: Kevin misstated the stat argument: Players who perform clutch well one year (relative to their normal performance) have a 50-50 chance of not performing well the following year. Even with small sample sizes, if there were an actual effect you'd see stratifications of the population from year to year.
I much enjoyed the Clayton Hamilton interview. Have him on again!