Interesting stories from newspapers across the nation:

  • John Harper of the New York Daily News writes that the development of a cut fastball may be to blame for Phil Hughes' loss of velocity, and not a dead arm.
  • Kevin Kernan of the New York Post writes that Hughes' dead arm gives the Yankees a dead rotation.
  • Patrick Reusse of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says to cut the hysteria because less legwork is the perfect remedy to keep Joe Mauer healthy.
  • Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that it's time to fill up the Indians' bandwagon.
  • Joel Rubin of the Los Angeles Times writes that changes in Dodgers' security preceded an attack on Giants fan Bryan Stow.
  • Seth Livingstone of USA Today writes that with power less prominent, the art of the steal returns to baseball.
  • Juliet Macur of the New York Times writes that a tangled verdict gives Barry Bonds' defense team hope.