The book tour may be done with, but there are still going to be events at which you'll have plenty of opportunities to mingle with some of your favorite BP contributors. This coming Thursday night, March 31, is one such occasion. Through my volunteer work as a director on the board of Equality Illinois, we've partnered up with Sluggers in Chicago on 3540 N. Clark Street to create a casual evening's fun to celebrate the first night of the season, from 6-9 pm on March 31.

Even though the venue is a 12-hopper away from home home plate in Wrigley Field, with an eye towards Friday's openers for the Cubs and Sox I hope that it's clear that fans of both teams aren't just welcome, they're encouraged to attend. Nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit, considering both teams are expected to contend in tight Central Division races in their respective leagues.

Beyond celebrating the simple fact that we've got baseball, in attendance will be a lineup that we think you'll enjoy. Come meet White Sox great Minnie Minoso, Kevin Goldstein, myself, and others, and enjoy cocktails and the chance to win door prizes, including ticket packages to both Cubs and Sox games, memorabilia, copies of the new edition of Baseball Prospectus, and more.

It isn't a freebie, but tickets are $10 apiece at the door. The ticket includes two (2) complimentary cocktails, and a drawing ticket. Proceeds will go towards supporting Equality Illinois. If you're looking to score cheap tickets via luck of the draw, and/or hang out and talk about baseball with fans of every stripe, and/or just want to enjoy the tail end of the Pads/Cards game before the on-field action turns to the Giants/Dodgers season opener, we hope you'll come by.

Come meet some new friends, bring the old ones along, and let's celebrate the beginning of the 2011 baseball season!