Yup, time for another podcast. We talk about Gerrit Cole, Neftali Feliz as a starter and hear from an exotic listener in the mailbag and then we talk about the lack of defensive skills in general and get some in-depth reports on players Jason has seen in Arizona. Then Kendall Rogers from Perfect Game joins us to talk about the year in college baseball so far, and why the NCAA is still evil. Following that, it's everyone's favorite goofy stuff, including tales from a riot and bacon sundaes. Most importantly, we talk about our predict the season contest, and how you can enter by donating to Doctors Without Borders, I'll have a separate post about it later in the day, but for now, all the details are here.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 42: "You Eat It, And You Smile"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome, here's what we're going to do

3:29 Housekeeping, here's how you get a hold of us

5:07 Listener of the week, Tim Carvin on our Predict The Season fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders

15:00 Email, here's where we answer your questions

  • The Norwegian guy in Pakistan who listens to us
  • Comparing different minor leagues and levels
  • Projecting tools and why Gerrit Cole does not equal Steven Strasburg
  • Re-evaluating Neftali Feliz as a starter
  • How to make scouting contacts
  • Jason's still-in-process path into the game

50:52 Does anyone play defense anymore?

1:02:13 What Jason's seeing in Arizona (Royals, Indians, and Mariners, oh my!)

1:21:45 Special Guest: Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game

  • How the new bats have effected college baseball
  • Why the NCAA is evil, Part 3,402
  • Some names to know: Virginia's Danny Hultzen and Georgia Tech's Mark Pope
  • Anthony Rendon's injuries
  • Jason and Kendall yell about Texas like idiots
  • Who's going to Omaha?

1:43:07 Musical Guest: The Customary Silence

1:43:58 What are you drinking? (Worst WAYD segment ever?)

1:46:07 Pop Culture Moment: Public Enemy, Sonic Youth, and the riot that never was?

1:53:48 Cooking With The Professor: Italian Gravy and Bacon Sundaes

1:57:57 The Week Ahead and good-bye

Music is by The Customary Silence, all rights reserved.