Here at Baseball Prospectus, we are dedicated to providing you with oodles of cutting-edge sabermetric analysis and keeping our finger on the pulse of the baseball world. With a slew of daily articles, it’s easy for one piece to get lost in the shuffle or for you to overlook a post while you’re busy hiding your monitor from your boss. Just in case this happens to be your situation, here’s what you might have missed this week at BP.


  • UCLA is one of the favorites to make a return trip to Omaha this June, in no small part due to a pair of northpaws, Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer. Cole has the potential to be the first overall pick in June, while Bauer is staking his claim to also be included in the first round. Jason Parks ventures to Westwood to get the lowdown on the hurlers looking to put the Bruins on top.
  • Mitchell Page departed this world for the pearly outfield gates in the sky last Saturday. Page died just as suddenly as he introduced himself to the majors, leaving behind several mysteries, including an unfinished sentence. Steven Goldman reviews Page’s life and attempts to settle the mysteries, seeing if Page ever got those final words in.
  • In a sport where it’s common for teams to share territories and media markets, the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles remain locked in a battle for the local fan base. While both teams have proven willing to sign free agents to show they are committed to winning, neither has had a rousing success in fulfilling the commitment. Matt Swartz examines each team’s recent moves and finds that the difference between being awful and being slightly less sucktacular doesn’t justify the price either team has paid.





 I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you here again on Monday. Remember, we’re only about two weeks away from Opening Day!  

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