It's Pi Day, the geekiest holiday of the year (that's 'pi' as in π = 3.14 = March 14 = 3/14)! As such, I thought I'd continue the Wezen-Ball tradition of honoring any ballplayers who had a 'Pi (π) Career' – that is, they ended their careers with "314 career _____".

As I have in the past, I've included any pitchers who ended their career with a 3.14 ERA (minimum of 1,000 IP), or with 314 career wins, saves, quality starts, or complete games. I've also included any position players who ended their career with a .314 batting average, on-base percentage, or slugging percentage (minimum of 1,000 games played) or with 314 career home runs, doubles, or stolen bases. I chose these stats because they were all positive stats that a long-time player could all realistically achieve (though a .314 OBP or SLG isn't very great). There are actually only a very few players who meet any of these criteria, so it works out well for us here.

I'm also including players who managed a .314 OBP or SLG (or 3.14 ERA) in the 2010 season, as well as a few players with Pi BPro stats (like True Average and SIERA). I'm still new to all the stats here, so if anyone has any other suggestions for stats to include, I'd be happy to hear them.

Without further ado, here are this year's 'Pi (π) Players':

2010 Season
.314 On-Base Percentage
: Jose Guillen, Seth Smith, John Buck
.314 Slugging Percentage
: Nyjer Morgan
3.14 ERA: Matt Cain, Brett Myers
.314 True Average
: Evan Longoria
3.14 SIERA: (none)

Career Pitching
3.14 ERA (min. 1,000 IP): Bert Gallia, Leon Cadore, Tug McGraw, Mike Marshall, Mike Cuellar, Al Orth
314 Wins: Gaylord Perry
314 Complete Games: Joe McGinnity, Burleigh Grimes
314 Quality Starts: Kevin Brown
314 Saves
: Robb Nen

Career Batting
.314 Average (min. 1,000 Games): Bibb Falk, Cecil Travis, Derek Jeter*
.314 On-Base Percentage: Mookie Wilson, Marlon Anderson, Bobby Tolan, Terry Kennedy, Don Kessinger and 8 others
.314 Slugging Percentage: Otis Nixon, Abraham Nunez, Jose Uribe, Jimmy Austin, Miller Huggins
314 HR: Reggie Smith, Alfonso Soriano*
314 Doubles
: Pete Fox
314 Stolen Bases
: Andre Dawson

Personally, I think that these players should be remembered every Pi Day (especially the less familiar names, like Bibb Falk or Bert Gallia). I'd love to hear any other 'Pi (π) Career' values that others might be able to come up with.