If the big “We’re #4” sign on the left side of the home page yesterday wasn’t a big enough hint, Baseball Prospectus 2011 officially went on sale yesterday. To borrow from the Who, it’s meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, and while I’m not sure what that means, I’m certain it’s a good thing, even if you’re a vegetarian. On behalf of all of us, I want to express our thanks for picking up the book and pushing us to such an exalted place on the list, where even the ghost of Stieg Larsson had to look up at us. As for those that haven’t yet put in for your copy, we look forward to signing yours in person, and we admire your willpower in not claiming one, Veruca Salt style, now! Now! Now!!!

For those made of sterner stuff than that, as well as those who just like to hang out with your friendly neighborhood baseball guy, we’re going on tour. We’ve just added a date for Princeton, New Jersey, former stomping ground of both Woodrow Wilson and Ross Ohlendorf. I wonder if they knew each other? Come on by, grab a book, a cup of coffee, and a cookie and talk about the upcoming season with the lads from BP.

Washington, DC. Monday, March 7, 7 PM

Politics & Prose 5015 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington, DC  

BPers in attendance: Kevin Goldstein, Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe, Ben Lindbergh


Chicago, IL. Wednesday, March 9, 6 PM

DePaul University Loop Campus Bookstore

1 East Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, IL

BPers in attendance: Kevin Goldstein, Colin Wyers, Ken Funck


Boston, MA. Tuesday, March 15, 12 noon

Northeastern University Bookstore

Snell Library @ Northeastern

360 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA

BPers in attendance: Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe, Marc Normandin


Boston, MA. Tuesday, March 15, 7 PM

Boston University Bookstore                                        

660 Beacon Street

Boston, MA

BPers in attendance: Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe, Marc Normandin


Princeton, NJ, March 23, 7 PM

Barnes & Noble, Marketfair

3535 Us Route 1, Princeton, NJ

BPers in attendance: Tommy Bennett, Ben Lindbergh, Cliff Corcoran, Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe and more.