Not content to let his team president criticize revenue-sharing recipients as "on welfare," Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner upped the ante to red-baiting yesterday:

“At some point, if you don’t want to worry about teams in minor markets, don’t put teams in minor markets, or don’t leave teams in minor markets if they’re truly minor,” Steinbrenner said. “Socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it, is never the answer.”

Where to begin? By wondering if Steinbrenner really wants to go back to eight-team leagues, and if he then plans to give back his share of league expansion fees, not to mention TV revenues made possible by small-market viewers? Noting yet again that the Yankees are already the league leaders at playing with other people's money? Boggling that the owner of the New York Yankees now appears to be taking his talking points from Glenn Beck, if not John Milius?

In any case, Bud Selig is evidently not amused.

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The guy is clearly a buffoon. I don't think it's necessary to take anything he says very seriously.
Why would contracting the minor markets affect the Yankees profitability?
this guy needs some adult supervision.
I'd love to hear what he would have to say about moving a few "minor market" teams to the New York area.
I think we could surmise it would include two things: 1) NO NO NO NO [removes pants] NO NO NO!!, and 2) communism or socialism (because as I'm sure you're aware they're the same thing).
Socialism and Communism aren't the answer, but government-sanctioned monopoly is?
What Monopoly? Have the Yankees now bought every player in MLB?

Hank's just trying to follow in Daddy's footsteps. Point is he wants his money to spend on his team. And he's not afraid to say so.
MLB is "government sanctioned monopoly" in that baseball enjoys some antitrust protection. The reference wasn't to the Yankees, but to MLB.

I thought Hruby's article nailed it.
MLB: One big government sanctioned unhappy commune.
Just realized I neglected to note Steinbrenner's impressive achievement of complaining that his players have too many mansions while simultaneously warning that communism is at the gates:
Years ago I did a paper comparing the dichotomy of the new revenue sharing agreements in sports in the later 70's early 80's with the simultaneous concern over the Cold War. It was one of my most favorite projects.

I'm amused to see that Hank is a few decades behind the times.
So Hank doesn't want teams in minor markets? Then he should be okay with, say, moving the Marlins or A's to Newark or Brooklyn.
Most of the folks buying up those $2500 dollar seats at Yankee Stadium redux were probably saved from the dustbin of history with the $2.3 trillion in public funds that were shovelled into Wall Street when they blew themselves up. If that doesn't set your hair on fire, nothing will.