Yup, another one of these things. After plenty of baseball talk, including oodles of emails, a long take on the Albert Pujols soap opera and breaking down some of the latest prospect lists published here, we are joined by our own Emma Span, and go inside a strange little corner of the baseball world; fan faction. We've done loads of independent film, art and music talk of late, but we've heard your calls for more video game discussion, so we are joined by Brad Shoemaker from the downright outstanding Giant Bomb and the Giant Bombcast. It's a great talk about the state of the industry, some games to look forward to and of course, StarCraft in Korea. Then it's the usual goofy stuff that you all know and love (or hate).

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 38: "That's Pretty Advanced Meatballs"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro, Agenda Review, Weather Report

3:24 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, all that stuff

4:32 Emails

  • Albini reactions
  • The origins of the 20-to-80 scale
  • More reasons not to drink Four Loko
  • Inside Jason's mind
  • NPR Voices
  • Marriage problems bring subscribers
  • Prospects most likely to win the 2014 home run title
  • Baseball books
  • How much shortstops have to hit if they can really pick it
  • Hall of Fame tests: Jim Bouton and Bo Jackson
  • Michael Young as the lead singer of an indie band

47:43 Pitchers and catchers report: what can you learn in spring training

55:34 Soap opera of the week: The complexity of the Albert Pujols situation

1:13:21 Breaking down the Giants Top 11 prospects

1:21:58 Breaking down the Twins Top 11 prospects

1:31:45 A brief preview of the Yankees list

1:33:53 Special Guest Emma Span on the grimy little corner of baseball that is fan fiction

1:45:58 Pop Culture Moment with special guest Brad Shoemaker of Giant Bomb

  • The origins of Giant Bomb
  • Big releases for 2011
  • Is sequel-itis a problem in the industry?
  • Digital downloads = innovation
  • The FPS trend and genres that are missed
  • 3-D gaming and motion controls: trend or gimmick?
  • Off the beaten path: The success of Magicka and Minecraft
  • How can we not talk about Starcraft in Korea?

2:16:31 Musical Guest: Fast Product

2:17:34 What are you drinking? (includes bonus car purchase)

2:25:21 The week ahead, secret documents and more Dee Gordon talk

Music is by Fast Product, all rights reserved.

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So excited for another episode. Have a long flight tomorrow and can't think of a better way to spend it.
"From NPR, this is "All Swings Considered" ... I'm Kevin Goldstein, and along with Jason Parks, today we'll be taking a look at whether President Obama will be happy with the ChiSox Top 11 prospect list ..."
Oh man, the Giants prospect talk has me so fired up.
The interview with Emma was really seemed more a look at a bizarre baseball subculture than the article did, and cleared up some of my misgivings. I'm still not thrilled the content was included on Baseball Prospectus, but this interview comes across a lot more clearly than the article did.