In Billy Wilder's classic The Lost Weekend, Ray Milland is always making plans and promises to his girlfriend, his brother, the B-girl at his favorite bar, even his bartender, but he always has one more thing to do before he can follow through: take another drink–or ten. As you might have guessed, Milland's character was an irredeemable alcoholic. At BP, we always have to do one more thing as well, because we are irredeemable perfectionists. In this case, the one more thing is an effort to make our projected Depth Charts and Player Forecast Manager as accurate, bug-free, and innocent as a newborn babe. We're not quite there yet; having changed a great deal behind the scenes, we need a little more time to check through and make sure everything and everyone is where they are supposed to be–it wouldn't do to have Wee Willie Keeler popping up and trying to claim Nick Markakis's playing time. Although, you never know, Orioles fans–he might be an upgrade.

We hope to release both products to beta testers today and have a full roll-out on Wednesday. We appreciate your patience as we get the DC and PFM up to our standards, and yours.