Baseball Prospectus 2011 is close to hitting the street. It ships from our publisher's warehouse on Valentine's Day (BP is for lovers) and will start reaching shelves and Amazon and B&N pre-order recipients shortly after that. Despite an official street date of February 22, it should be around well before then.

We are still putting the finishing touches on this year's book tour, and not a lot is set in stone. I only know two dates for certain as of this writing. We will be in Politics & Prose, the Happiest Place on Earth, in Washington on March 7 and the De Paul University Bookstore (Loop Campus) in Chicago on March 9. We should have other dates as soon as Monday, so look for this post to be updated. Expect Boston and New York dates to be added at minimum.

I do have one dilemma that I need your advice to resolve. The Yogi Berra Museum is on the 60-Day DL with a bad case of remodeling, so, sadly, we will not be able to make our annual trip there. I am told that we can get one, perhaps even two New Jersey bookstore events in its place. Now, Yogi events have always been well-attended, but other NJ events we've done sporadically over the years have been hit and miss, so here is what I want to ask you:


1. If we were to do two NJ events, say, one in North Jersey, one in Central, would you come to none, one, both?

2. If our options for Central included Princeton and Menlo Park (Edison) what is your preference? Christina and I did a little event in Princeton years ago that was nicely attended, and I've always wanted to get back there.


For those in the area who might attend, I appreciate your input. Thanks to everyone, and I hope you enjoy BP 2011 when you see it just over a week from now.


UPDATE: I have just confirmed that we will be in Boston on March 15. At noon that day, we will be at Northeastern University, and at 7 PM we will be at a favorite of ours, the Boston University Barnes & Noble. Marc Normandin and I will be there for certain and we will be joined by at least one or more BPers. Hope to see thousands of you there.