"St. Louis is closer to Minneapolis than Milwaukee is. Are the [Boston] Red
Sox going to benefit if Montreal is contracted? No. I don’t think the
Brewers would gain, either. It’s so outrageous and not worthy of comment."

Bud Selig, commissioner of baseball, on the potential conflict of
interest between his partial ownership share of the Brewers and the
contraction of the Twins, who are a little more than 600 miles away from St.
Louis and a little more than 300 miles from Milwaukee

"If the Twins are contracted many will feel loss and sadness. No one,
however, will feel that more than our family. It will be a sadness and sense
of failure that no amount of money will cure."

Jim Pohlad, son of Twins owner Carl Pohlad, who is
rumored to be receiving $250 million for disbanding the Twins, in a letter
to Twins employees

"Why are they always hiding behind closed doors? They act like they are
electing a pope."

Bob Butterworth, Florida Attorney General

"Now, the thing I don’t understand is that in the last one, Carl had a
proposal that would pay for more than 80 percent of the stadium. Well, gosh,
nobody’s ever done that before. That’s remarkable."

–Selig, unable to correctly remember details of Pacific Bell Park or
Pohlad’s proposal


"The thought of rehabbing again and going to spring training and hearing
Tony’s 45-minute dissertation on bunt plays is not appealing whatsoever."

Mark McGwire, retired Cardinals infielder

"I did everything that you could possibly do in baseball and I’m not in the

Dave Parker, former Pirates outfielder

"Lance Berkman…there’s a great young hitter who is about as exciting as

Bill James, author

"I wasn’t ready to graduate from Steinbrenner University yet. I want to stay
a Yankee until I’m tagged out."

Brian Cashman, Yankees general manager

"This is a very difficult thing for us because there is no question that
Brady [Anderson] has epitomized what being an Oriole is all about. He has
given us 100 percent every day. We just felt the direction we were going in
did not guarantee a position for Brady on next year’s team, and to bring him
back to compete for a spot would be unfair to him."

Syd Thrift, Orioles vice president of baseball operations, on releasing
14-year Oriole Brady Anderson

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