"When you’re a little kid, you think about the seventh game of the World
Series. It didn’t matter how the hit came."

Luis Gonzalez, Diamondbacks outfielder, on his Series-winning hit in Game

"I wouldn’t move on the bench. I wanted to get up and watch for the whole
inning, but I was playing the luck seat."

Curt Schilling, Diamondbacks pitcher, on not getting up during the ninth
inning of Game Seven

"Nobody likes to get beat up as badly as we got beat up. The only saving
grace is that it was only one game. We were in the position to be able to
take this."

Joe Torre, Yankee manager, after the 15-2 loss in Game Six

"We left New York scratching our heads. We had those games won."


"I can’t think of a better way to go out in my last game at Yankee Stadium.
You don’t want to put yourself in this position every night, but it makes
for exciting baseball."

Paul O’Neill, Yankees outfielder, after Game Five produced the second
two-out, ninth-inning, game-tying home run in two games

"We had a lead, we had six outs left to go in the ballgame. That’s the way
we hoped it would work out. Unfortunately, it didn’t."

Bob Brenly, Diamondbacks manager, on relieving Curt Schilling in Game

"Jon Miller said Byung-Hyun Kim doesn’t speak any English, but I’m watching
the game on TV and can read lips a little. Apparently Kim knows at least one
word. I just can’t mention it on the air."

Caejar Cox, American Forces Network broadcaster, on Diamondbacks pitcher
Kim in Game Four

"I hope not. I don’t think it has."

Bud Selig, commissioner of baseball, asked if contraction stories
undermined the excitement over the World Series


"That’s what any sane guy would do. The economics dictate it."

Carl Pohlad, Twins owner, on being bought out by MLB if his team can’t
get a new stadium

"The only way we can pack them in is if we give away a free car to every
person that comes through the door."

Ryan Dempster, Marlins pitcher, on his team’s attendance woes

"These issues are painful, very painful. No question about it. My
sensitivity to these matters is always shaped by my own personal experience.
But as commissioner, there’s always a responsibility to deal with our
problems. So I’ll deal with them, as commissioner. But it doesn’t make my
job any easier."

–Selig, who moved the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee in 1970, on his memories
of the Braves breaking his heart in 1965

"I’ve sat around for the last 10 years pouring money into the operation for
the purpose of keeping baseball in Minnesota, and we’re in a time of
recession. I have an obligation to my family and I am going to do what is
right for my family."

–Pohlad, who paid $34 million for the Twins in 1984 and would receive $250
million from MLB to close his franchise, about a 12.5% annualized return on


"People are winning with the payroll that we have. So, for me and the
direction that I’m giving the organization, [I believe] we can do this. If
somebody else can do this, why can’t we? We’ve got to find a way to be more
efficient, work smarter and make better decisions. That’s the kind of
direction that I want to give our people."

Dave Littlefield, Pirates GM

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