"We’re going to be back here for Game 6. You don’t have to ask any
questions. We’re going to be back. Print it."

Lou Piniella, Mariners manager, to reporters at Safeco
Field after the ALCS Game 2 loss

"Boonie’s hit, on a scale of 1 to 10, was huge."

Mark McLemore, Mariners infielder, on Game 3 of the ALCS

"Our job is to hit their starting pitching. They spend quite a bit
of money on it, and it shows."


"Yes. Good place. They don’t throw things. The fans just yell, ‘You
suck.’ "

Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners outfielder, on Yankee Stadium

"This is a time for experienced pitchers. Pineiro we would not consider.
We have confidence in Aaron. He’s pitched well for us all year."

–Piniella, announcing his plans to start Aaron Sele in Game 5

"I mentioned to somebody today that it was like pitching to Yogi Berra.
How do you pitch to Yogi? You throw the ball in the dirt, he’s going to hit
it. And if you throw the ball over his head, he’s going to hit it. He’s too
good of a hitter. I would rather be second-guessed for the next guy getting
a hit than second-guess myself if he got one."

Joe Torre, Yankee manager, on intentionally walking Ichiro

"I hope they keep walking him. With Ichiro, what you want him to do
is just get on base, whether it’s a walk, a base hit, or whatever, because
it puts a little more pressure on the defense and the pitcher. It changes
the equation of the game somewhat."



"Assuming someone might say here ‘Is this a monkey off your back?’
This is more like a gorilla. King Kong."

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks pitcher, on his Game 1
complete game, 3H, 11K win

"Randy pitched great. That was probably the best I’ve ever seen him
change speeds. As a compliment, he was Jamie Moyer with a real good

Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher

"I always feel like Game 2 is an urgent game in any series. To me it’s
a huge swing game," Glavine said. "You can either go up two, down
two or tie things up. Any of those is vastly different than the other. In
this instance, it’s probably magnified. We certainly didn’t want to go home
down 2-0 with the prospect of facing Curt."

Tom Glavine, Braves pitcher, after Game 2 tied the series
at 1-1

"I just seized the moment."

Curt Schilling, Diamondbacks pitcher, on his one-run,
complete-game win in Game 3

"They’re not a team that usually gives you extra outs. You don’t have
that kind of thing happen when you play against the Atlanta Braves. I’ve
never seen it."

–Schilling, on the six unearned runs scored by the Diamondbacks in
their 11-4 game 4 win


"It’s been tough, tougher than I anticipated. I understand looking
at this from a player’s standpoint. Sometimes, things can get stale. I think
I reached that point with this team."

Larry Dierker, former Astros manager

"He will continue to play an important role with the Houston Astros.
I’d like to thank Larry five years later for taking that bold venture and
making it work. It was a major accomplishment."

Drayton McLane, Astros owner

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