You want a World Series preview? You got it. After going through our email and getting into a serious, heavy discussion on Josh Hamilton and how we choose our heroes, Jason and I break down the Rangers/Giants matchup by position while making our series picks and MVP predictions. Then Jon Morosi, national writer with Fox Sports joins us for his take while also making his own predictions and getting into a fascinating talk about the future of the beat writer. Following that, it's the best eight minutes in the history of the podcast, as my mother joins us to make her picks and talk about cookies and tornadoes. Irony of all ironies? My mother is her basement as opposed to vice versa. Then it's the usual wackiness with Roy Blakely of joining us to talk Fallout: New Vegas, so cooking talk, and Jason's new cat.   

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 23: "I'm Gonna Throw Up"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro, agenda review

3:38 Housekeeping (Email Us! Join our Facebook group!)

6:05 Emails: Yankee fans and Cliff Lee, Jon Daniels' staff, pretty swings, Elvis

26:07: A discussion of Josh Hamltion's faith, how we choose our heroes, and race

35:32: World Series preview: breaking down the players, managers, and who's going to win

69:44: Special Guest: Jon Morosi, National Writer, Fox Sports

  • Predicting a Giants/Rangers World Series
  • Can Cliff Lee be beat and should he be starting three games?
  • San Francisco Giants: The little engine that could
  • Dealing with the teams on a media level
  • Chiming in on the debate over Elvis Andrus' ability to be a media star
  • Why every baseball writer should learn Spanish
  • The future of the beat writer
  • Making his World Series pick, along with surprise players

100:52 Super Special Guest, my mother Judy previews the 2010 World Series

109:14 Pop Culture Moment: Fallout New Vegas with special guest Roy Blakely (

128:41 More about Mom

131:52 Music guest switch-a-roo: The Muffs

133:44 What Are You Drinking?

137:54 Cooking With The Professor: Mole and Gumbo

151:27 Update on Jason's mental state and new cat

Music is by The Muffs from the album "Happy Birthday To Me", copyright 1997, Reprise Records.

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Uh oh. Jason + religion = fewer twitter followers.
KG - would you and Jason consider doing an AFL segment next week? Some of the guys you've heard from scouts about that are either tearing it up (or really struggling). As always, really enjoyed tonight's Podcast, especially the heated conversation re: Josh Hamilton and religion. It was also a really good point on someone like Nelson Cruz, I never really thought of it that way.
"Will you guys stop it? This is serious stuff!" Please, a regular segment with Judy each podcast.
Kevin's mother was the best guest ever. We need this woman on the podcast on a semi-regular basis. Hell, she should take my place.
Two weeks without a "not manager" segment. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!
He'll be back -- we've had timing/travel issues, that's all.
I believe Not Ozzie Guillen was available...
Well, looks like Cruz wasn't the MVP. Fail. That said, I was sending messages to a scout friend of the podcast, and I called the Renteria HR and MVP right before the fateful swing. Unfortunately, I will receive no credit for such proclamations, and have to live with my unsuccessful stance on the series. Again, fail.