As editor-in-chief, I would humbly, and with a red face, like to offer a correction to the This Week In Quotes column that is running today on the site. More importantly, I would like to offer a heartfelt apology to Commissioner Bud Selig for our Alex Carnevale misquoting him in the story. Mr. Selig has long been an advocate of baseball journalism and is undoubtedly the most accessible head of any major professional sports league in the United States. Thus, the last thing we would want to do is damage the media's relationship with him.

In the story, we quoted Selig as telling the New York Post's Joel Sherman that he was ordering Mets owner Fred Wilpon to hire Sandy Alderson, currently working as Major League Baseball's point man on corruption in the Dominican Republic baseball system, as the franchise's next general manager. However, that was not the case.

This what Selig actually told Sherman:  'He would bring the Mets an intellect they have been missing plus instant organization, credibility and the perception throughout the game that the general manager—and not ownership—is running the baseball operations. None of the other candidates can do this. So if the Wilpons do not pick Alderson now they should know the first reaction is going to be that they will be giving their fans more of the same."

Again, we apologize to Selig, as well as Wilpon, Alderson and Sherman. Please understand that our mission is to get the facts straight, and when we don't, it bothers us.