"If you look at the long run, the future, I still have three years here. It
would be wise to just let me get healthy whenever we can and do whatever
possible to win later on if we’re not going to win this year. But we still
have chances, and I’m just here to help."

Pedro Martinez, Red Sox pitcher

"The team is not going to shut Pedro down. We’re paying him a lot of money
to pitch. Our fans enjoy seeing Pedro Martinez pitch."

Dan Duquette, Red Sox GM

"If he wants to take my check, he can take it. When I came here, I was a
millionaire, and it’s not going to make me any richer by forcing me to

Pedro Martinez, Red Sox pitcher


"They originally came to us in March and asked us if we would be part of the
celebration. We continued to make it very clear that we did not want to be a
part of a salute to a Giant, pennant-winning home run. It was really
shocking that they would ask. We’re in the middle of a pennant race right
now with that team."

Derrick Hall, Dodgers Senior Vice President, Communications, rejecting
the Giants request that both teams wear throwback uniforms on September 15
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bobby Thomson‘s home run off Dodger
pitcher Ralph Branca

"We realize that a man [Branca] suffered for over 50 years, as did Dodger
fans. We are just not going to be a part of it."

Derrick Hall, Dodgers Senior Vice President, Communications

"I don’t agree that it would make them look bad. It’s the most historic home
run of all time. It has nothing to do with demeaning them. The Dodgers
shouldn’t be embarrassed. The guy hit a home run. What are you going to do?"

Rich Aurilia, Giants infielder and Brooklyn native


"I don’t think the center-field situation is a major issue. I don’t think
Doug Glanville should think about anybody else being the center fielder but
him. That’s the way I envision it playing out."

Ed Wade, Phillies GM

"[Marlon Byrd] should come to spring training wanting to impress everybody
and his brother, but also with the understanding he needs more time to

Ed Wade, Phillies GM

"The way I’ve been used, the numbers aren’t going to be there. I got a lot
of at-bats but they were scattered at-bats early and then I’d play a couple
of weeks straight and then I wouldn’t. I’m going to have to rely on somebody
believing in me and understanding the situation over here and what has
happened. Whoever does is going to get a pleasant surprise."

Dante Bichette, Red Sox outfielder


"There are a lot of similarities to Candlestick here. I don’t like playing
here, and I haven’t heard anyone say they like playing here. They have water
shooting up in right field (after splash homers). They might as well fire
ice cubes at us."

Larry Walker, Rockies outfielder

"The hardest place to hit in the National League, no doubt. At the plate,
the wind is always blowing in your face and it’s hard to see. And it’s tough
in the field, too, because there’s a lot of glare."

Todd Helton, Rockies infielder

"It’s definitely been a pitchers’ park this year because our offense isn’t
as good. And you have to understand that the Rockies go from a place like
Coors to something like this. I agree that it’s tough to hit here."

Jeff Kent, Giants infielder

"I agree with them that it’s the toughest place to hit. That’s what makes
what Barry [Bonds] is doing even more amazing. If he played anywhere else,
he might already have 70 ."

John Vander Wal, Giants outfielder


"I’ve always had trouble with Konerko."

Tim Laker, Indians backup catcher, on giving up an infield single to
Paul Konerko during Laker’s first appearance on a major-league mound

"When they sent up Mr. Gwynn."

Bud Smith, Cardinals, pitcher, when asked when he got nervous during his
no-hitter-to-be against the Padres


"Sometimes, because Jimmy strikes out a lot, people don’t understand how
consistent he is. Jimmy’s walks make him a better hitter. He gets on base
and scores runs and that’s the object of the game."

Charlie Manuel, Indians manager, on infielder Jim Thome

"This means a lot to me. Tris Speaker was a great player and walks are a big
part of helping your team win. If you walk, that means you’re putting
yourself in position to score and runs win games."

Jim Thome, Indians infielder, on tying Tris Speaker‘s
franchise record for career walks

"Everybody sees what’s going on here. A little bit of luck makes a big

Jose Mercedes, Orioles pitcher, on his 7-16 record and 5.90 ERA

"They signed me for the minimum, gave me a sack lunch, a couple balls and
said, "Let’s see what you can do.’"

Corky Miller, Reds catcher, on being drafted in 1998

"When you watch him, he has kind of a happy butt. His butt’s always
wiggling, and he’s got these mannerisms of wiggleness."

Tony Muser, Royals manager, on infielder Neifi Perez

"Right now, the National League is phenomenal. You can’t ask for a better
race. There is excitement all around the league."

Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder

"I hope it is cool in the Boston clubhouse like it is here."

Calvin Pickering, Red Sox infielder, learning he had been claimed on
waivers by the Red Sox after six days in Cincinnati

"It’s like if you listen to an idiot talk long enough, you’ll get dumber.
They’ve been watching us for five months, and it’s sunk in. That was our
plan, stink up the place for five months and hope it catches on."

Desi Relaford, Mets infielder, on the NL East

"I don’t want nobody running on me. To throw a guy out, to me that’s the
best part of the game."

Terrence Long, Athletics outfielder, after throwing out Devil Ray
Jose Guillen at home plate

"It’s easy to be confident when you’re going good. The hardest part is
creating that confidence when you’re not."

Barry Zito, Athletics pitcher

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