In this weeks episode, we have two special guests, as Joe Sheehan joins us to talk about Jose Bautista and the deeper issue of the media and how they react to breakout seasons, while our own Shawn Hoffman comes on later to explain last week's financial statements leak. Plus, the usual shenanigans with talk about Stephen Strasburg's elbow, Aroldis Chapman's velocity, the long-running reality show COPS, more Mexican beverage talk, and all your favorite features. Thanks so much for listening and moving us way up on the ITunes rankings.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 15: "A Sleeping Bag and a Pocket Knife"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Agenda review

1:53 Housekeeping and a big thanks to our listeners

5:16 Emails: More Mexican beverages; Jason grows on people; More minor league number talk

15:19 Stephen Strasburg's elbow and the public reaction

22:13 Aroldis Chapman, the story of the 105 mph fastball and problems with guns

32:02 Manny Ramirez to the White Sox (you realize he can still hit, right?)

37:04 The Jeff Francouer deal and how Kevin doesn't understand Texas

46:00 Special Guest #1 Joe Sheehan (@Joe_Sheehan) on Jose Bautista, steroids and media assumptions

  • The basics of the story
  • The line between mainstream media and others
  • Reports vs. writing and changing roles
  • The standards writers should be held to
  • The insider model vs. the outsider model
  • How relationships can effect one's writing
  • Bud Selig and things getting a little too personal
  • Joe Sheehan: What are you drinking?

71:57 Special Guest #2 Shawn Hoffman (@shawndhoffman) on last week's leaked financials

  • What got out and what it said
  • How this information can be seen as good or bad for revenue sharing
  • Defending the Pirates
  • The potential effect of this information on the upcoming collective bargaining agreement
  • Creative accounting and how teams make money
  • Baseball teams are actually small businesses
  • Lessons learned from the leak

88:50 Not Jim Tracy on the leaked financial statements

90:44 Explaining The Shaggs

93:55 What Are You Drinking? (Plus more outdoor adventures)

99:24 Pop Culture Moment: A celebration of Cops (whatcha' gonna' do?)

109:55 Cooking With The Professor and a call for recipes

111:44 Update on Jason's mental state and his tattoo

114:46 What to do with the minor league season ending, and the end of this episode  

Music is by The Shaggs from the album Philosophy of the World, Copyrights 1969, 1980, Rounder Records.

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Chunklet and BP converge next week...Kevin, are you Repoz?
Modern day version.
Chapman hit 103.9 mph on pitch/fx yesterday. Does that make you lean more toward believing in 105 mph?
I'm writing about that for tomorrow.
Kevin - of all the music you've put on before, I'm not sure why, but this was the best.
New Hampshire sound? Am I the only one that thought it sounded like a little Asian girl?
No. No you're not.