In this week's episode, we have more talk about fixing the draft, the legacy of Lou Piniella and trying to figure out what matters when thinking about award season. Ken Davidoff of Newsday then joins us to discuss the Roger Clemens indictment and his nightly record predictions. Then we wrap it all up with recipes, Bob Uecker, and the usually wackiness. As usual, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do in putting it together.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 14: "A Gallon Of Boing!"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Agenda review

3:39 Housekeeping: Getting Twitter followers in Taiwan; join our new Facebook group

7:40 Email: More tales of Mexican Coke; an introduction to Boing!; Madison Bumgarner

17:00 Fixing the draft: Will slots makes MLB whiter; the trade value of a No. 1 pick

32:55 Tales from Brooklyn: the accident that never was

33:45 Lou Pineilla: Great manager or great highlights; Dusty Baker and the kid shield

42:28 MVP/Cy Young predictions; prank Skype calls to Colin Wyers and Marc Normandin

65:54 Special Guest Kevin Davidoff of Newsday

  • The surprise level of the Roger Clemens indictment
  • The witch hunt component
  • The quality of the case against Clemens
  • Now that he's been indicted, what's next?
  • Baseball reporters writing about law and business
  • The efficacy of The Mitchell Report
  • Clemens' time with the Yankees
  • Changing his opinion on the Hall of Fame
  • How this story could stretch out for years
  • Predicting records on Twitter
  • Mets fans vs. Yankees fans or insecurity vs. arrogance
  • Looking for depth in the moment

94:30 Not John Russell on the legacy of Lou Piniella

95:38 What Are You Drinking?

97:48 Pop Culture Moment: Bob Uecker

104:27 Cooking With The Professor: Sugar cookies and chicken etouffee

114:14 Update on Jason's mental state and Kevin's television hosting

121:25 What's coming up next week and wrapping up

Music is by Stereo Total from the album Oh Ah!, Copyright 1995, Peace95 Records.