As many of you know, I recently went on a four-park tour with Big League Tours. I wanted to share some of the experience, so here's a slideshow of the experience. If you'd be interested in taking a tour like this in the future, check out for details. Trips for 2011 are in the works now.

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Woah! Broken web page galore!
Time for or
The Cobra and the Knife. Priceless.
Fun weekend Will. Having lived in three of the four towns, I can say that I love the experience of Midwest baseball and wouldn't trade it for anything (except a Tigers championship).
This really surprised me, Will -- surprised and encouraged, as my wife and I are considering doing a trip with this outfit next year, and that you would go on one counts as a far more persuasive recommendation than any testimonials the site offers. I'm curious, though: what led somebody as well plugged into MLB (or at least MLB's doctors...) as you are to do this?
The guy who owns it is a friend. Plus, it's baseball! I mean, I get to play tour guide for a group of people, see baseball, and I ended up making friends that I hope I stay in touch with. I don't want to sound like an ad here, but I really enjoyed the experience far more than I expected. I'm hoping that I can do it more next year. Ideally, we could have some local events -- not everyone can afford a tour like this or has time -- but tying in the tour to a Ballpark Event, a Q&A with a GM, or similar has some real value, I think.
From someone who took this tour (highly recommend it), really great job capturing the essence with this, especially the downtown panaromas. Baseball backdropped by a skyline is without peer. Even the Ohio River/Kentucky scape beats my LaGuardia Airport and Flushing chop shops by a mile.