Special guest David Forst, the Assistant General Manager of the Oakland Athletics visits us to talk about the mechanics of a deadline deal, how the A's are trying to help Latin American players acclimate better to professional baseball, as well as his unique career path into the game.  Of course, we also ask him why he would lower his standards to join our little show, as well as what he is drinking.  Plus, Arcade Fire ruining music, Not John Russell on the young Pirates, why people hate A-Rod and much, much more.  As always, we hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 11: "He Looks Like A Flygirl"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Agenda Review

3:09 Housekeeping: Email us!

3:50 Fan Mail: Hating Kevin's HOF ideas, more Hagler talk, NYC Pizza, UK-based integrity questions

13:47 We got recipes (Cooking with The Professor)

17:57 Trade Deadline talk: What are the Astros doing and Brett Wallace's enormous lower half

24:50 Ozzie Guillen's comments: The struggles of foreign players, and even some Americans as well

32:20 Alex Rodriguez: Why do people hate him, why do people love Jeter?

41:37 The Krum, Texas effect

43:51 Special Guest: Oakland Athletics Assistant GM David Forst

  • Why the hell is he willing to come on our silly little show?
  • The A's weekend of inactivity
  • The process for picking prospects when you are selling a veteran
  • The etiquette of calling teams and asking for players
  • Getting along with some teams more than others
  • Asking for the world and being realistic with what you ask for
  • How teams decide if they are buyers or sellers at the deadline
  • Ozzie Guillen's comments and what the A's have instituted to assist Latin American players
  • The new Arizona immigration laws and how they affect the A's
  • David's career path (A Harvard degree, two years of indy ball and disappointing his parents)
  • A standard day at work
  • David Forst: What are you drinking?

78:28 Not John Russell on the young Pirates

79:47 Why we're surprised David joined us

80:50 What we are drinking and a brief Artie Lange discussion

86:01 Pop Culture Moment: Arcade Fire, the wussification of modern music, the ease of creation

96:40 How to say luddite and other tales of mispronounciation

97:51 Jason opens up about his troubles

100:20 A quick talk about the draft signing deadline

104:59 The Carlos Santana injury and Dominican catchers

Music is by Orangutang, from the EP The Rewards Of Cruelty, Copyright 1993 Imago Records.

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really simple explanation for arod hate. he's perceived as self centered. in the narrative for sports as written by sports entertainment writers, baseball is about 25 guys working together in a magical competition to win some great prize that's supposed to be the goal of every athlete's existence. this matches with how most fans engage sports. it is a kind of competitive, idealized drama, an act. fans treat athletes like action figures to play around with, and action figures must act their part: devoted to the things that exist in the fans' imagination, and avoid anything that intrudes into the magical kingdom of sports competition that fans live in. arod doesn't play to please. he's not a good monkey.
Great David Forst interview; I'd love it if you can get Chris Antonetti or another of the Cleveland brass on to discuss Santana. On another subject, is this podcast admissible as evidence in divorce court?