I'm just extending a quick invitation to everyone who's in the Atlanta area and/or attending SABR's annual convention later this week. I've been honored with an invitation to participate in the "Women Writing Baseball" panel that's being held in conjunction with the convention. It's free, it's an outstanding opportunity to meet Dorothy Seymour Mills, one of the giants in the field of baseball history, and above all, it's baseball!

So if you're in Atlanta later this week, please drop by the event. It's being held on Thursday evening, August 5, starting at 7:30 pm at Charis Books at 1189 Euclid Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. We hope to see you there, but for further details, straight from Charis' writeup of the event:

Join us in welcoming four very important baseball scholars: Dorothy Seymour Mills (A Woman's Work: Writing Baseball History with Harold Seymour and Chasing Baseball: Our Obsession with Its History, Numbers, People and Places); Christina Kahrl (Co-founder of Baseball Prospectus );Judith Testa (Sal Maglie: Baseball’s Demon Barber); and Cecilia Tan (The 50 Greatest Yankee Games, The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games, White Flames, and The Hot Streak). Don’t miss your chance to talk baseball with four of the sport’s greatest scholars and writers, all of whom just happen to be women.

Dorothy Seymour Mills is the co-author of the first scholarly books of baseball history, published over the years 1960-1990 under the name of her husband and colleague, Harold Seymour. Her autobiography, A Woman's Work: Writing Baseball History with Harold Seymour, was published in 2004. Her latest book, Chasing Baseball: Our Obsession with Its History, Numbers, People and Places is already in its second printing. Mills, an independent scholar, has published a total of 25 books on various subjects.

Christina Kahrl is one of the co-founders of Baseball Prospectus, and is currently the executive editor of the think tank's website, Her regular column covering major-league transactions has been an online staple for 15 years, and she is one of just two people to have contributed to every edition of Baseball Prospectus' New York Times bestselling baseball annual. She is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of American, having been elected in 2008 as one of the first four on-line columnists to be voted into the organization.

Judith Testa grew up in the New York City area as a Brooklyn Dodger fan. She swore off baseball when the Dodgers moved to LA and went on to
receive a doctorate in Renaissance art history from the University of Chicago. After retiring from a career as an art history professor, she returned to her childhood interest in baseball and, remembering Maglie as a fascinating baseball character from her childhood, decided to write a biography of him.

Cecilia Tan is a writer and editor living in the Boston area, but her first love was the New York Yankees. She also played baseball for several years in the women's hardball leagues of New England. She is the author of many books of fiction and nonfiction including The 50 Greatest Yankee Games, The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games, White Flames, and The Hot Streak.

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Hooray! Glad to have y'all down here! :)
More information on the SABR convention in Atlanta? Had no idea.
Ask, and ye shall receive an opportunity to surf: I cannot overstate what a wonderfully good time SABR's convention is, so I hope everyone in the area can make it... if you don't already belong, give SABR a shot as a member, and you'll find that it provides you with a wealth of resources in terms of publications you receive via membership, plus its dynamics as an organization with people every bit as much in love with the game as you are. Check it out!