"I’ve been accused of everything. But I’ve never been accused of being a
cocaine dealer and a drug seller before. All I can tell you is, you’d better
have credible evidence if you’re gonna write that kind of stuff."

Pete Rose,
in a Jayson Stark interview, on new allegations he funded
cocaine deals to support his gambling habit

"Over the last 20 years, I can only think of one person who went through
more stress than I did that year I was being investigated. And that’s Bill

Pete Rose


"[Scott Rolen is] satisfied with being a so-so player and he’s not a
great player."

Dallas Green, Phillies senior advisor

"I don’t feel as welcome here in the organization as I have in
the past."

Scott Rolen, Phillies infielder

"I’m disappointed in his lack of understanding of what winning baseball is
all about."

Dallas Green, Phillies senior advisor

"I don’t think Scott Rolen has reached the potential that we think he
should. He comes to play hard every day and exudes that to a degree, but
there’s something that’s holding him back from being the player that I think
he’s capable of being. And part of it I think is his personality. Maybe
that’s just the way all ballplayers are today."

Dallas Green, Phillies senior advisor

"But if you look at other facets of his game. As far as offensive
production, leadership ability to drive a team, there’s things that he could
do to step it up."

Dallas Green, Phillies senior advisor

"I’m not keeping score, but if I were, I would be way behind the Phillies on
the negativity scoreboard."

Scott Rolen, Phillies infielder


"I can’t explain it. It was unbelievable. I’ve never been in a game like
that in my life. My voice is gone from hollering so much. It was fun. Wow."

Kenny Lofton, Indians outfielder, after his team came back
from a 12-run deficit to beat the Mariners, becoming only the third team in
baseball history to do so

"It’s the turning point of the season,"

Jolbert Cabrera, Indians outfielder

"We had them down with two outs in the ninth, and they came back and tied
it. It’s just one of those things that happen. It’s almost impossible to do,
but they did it."

Lou Piniella, Mariners manager

"I told Omar [Vizquel] if he went up there and stayed patient, ‘You can
triple into the right-field corner.’"

Charlie Manuel, Indians manager

"I didn’t really buy it. I said, ‘Yeah, sure, Charlie.’ But it happened."

Omar Vizquel, Indians infielder


"We’re destined to do something special. We’re destined to win it all. Yeah.
I really believe it."

Johnny Damon, Athletics outfielder

"We control our own destiny at this point. We haven’t been able to say that
since the first game of the season."

Billy Beane, Athletics general manager

"We’re a team of destiny."

Johnny Damon, Athletics outfielder

"Two weeks ago, we were a team on the way out the door."

Billy Beane, Athletics general manager

"A funny thing’s happened. The pitching came around, and the hitting came
around after that. It’s somebody different every day. That’s how you can
tell this is special."

Johnny Damon, Athletics outfielder

"It’s amazing. A few weeks ago, the season wasn’t going to be long enough
[for an A’s comeback]. Now, it can’t get short enough."

Billy Beane, Athletics general manager


"I said, ‘Come on, no way.’"

Jesus Sanchez, Marlins pitcher, after teammate
Luis Castillo declared he would hit a home run in his next at-bat

"What did I tell you?"

Luis Castillo, Marlins infielder, to Jesus Sanchez
after hitting his second home run of the season


"I think Ben Petrick right now is a better catcher than Mike Piazza."

Fred Kendall, Rockies bullpen and catching coach

"The TV people like it when you keep the game exciting. We don’t want
people to go home early. We want people to stay and feel the excitement.
That way we can sell more beer and hot dogs."

Tom Kelly, Twins manager, joking that he was
intentionally keeping games close

"When we won the first two games of the World Series, the TV people came to
me and said they needed the series to go seven games. So we lost three
straight to accommodate them. CBS wanted seven games, we gave them seven
games. Stocks go up, sales of ads go up–you have to think about all these

Tom Kelly, Twins manager

"Half of them are dogs, and to tell you the truth, half of them may be
released this year."

Wally Backman, White Sox minor-league manager (Class A
Winston-Salem), on his players

"At some point in time, we want to be good."

Mike Hargrove, Orioles manager

"It was basically chaos, and I’m not even sure it was organized, but it
worked out for us."

Joe Girardi, Cubs catcher, who was tagged out in a bizarre
game-ending rundown on which Ricky Gutierrez scored the winning run to beat

"I know for sure you don’t spell ‘smart’ b-u-h-n-e-r. I’m going to try to
be careful, but either this thing holds up or not. I want to be part of this
team again, I’d love to be able to contribute something."

Jay Buhner, Mariners outfielder, on facing his first rehab
start at Triple-A Tacoma on Monday

"I can’t remember the last time I was pain free. But if I can play, that’s
fine. I’ve got to find out if I can play."

Jay Buhner, Mariners outfielder

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