We come back from a short delay due to Jason's move with nearly 140 minutes of . . . well, something.  Steven Goldman tells a series of highly entertaining Yankee stories as we try to figure out George Steinbrenner's legacy, Jason and I catch up on some recent trades, and we switch to low-brow during Pop Culture Moment with a discussion of television and video games.  Plus, Not Jim Tracy (of course), recipe corner and a request for you to tell us what to cook this week.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 9: "A Delicious Casserole Of Fun"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome: Jason's move update and the Dominican festival

3:36 Housekeeping: Email us, follow us on Twitter, all that good stuff

3:54 Email #1: Jason defends/rationalizes/refudiates his hipster status and lectures on style

16:02 More emails on beverage talk, Korea, comparing MLS soccer to Mexican Baseball

26:37 Futures Game review: Agreeing on Trout, arguing about Scheppers and Dee Gordon

39:02 Catching up on the trades: Lee to Rangers, why the Braves traded Escobar

45:29 A love letter to new Braves lefty Tim Collins

50:00 Special Guest Steven Goldman on the legacy of George Steinbrenner

  • The complexity of figuring out how he'll be remembered
  • Does he belong in the Hall of Fame – the standards for owners is low
  • Are the stories of him being a changed man after the suspension a myth?
  • Are teams better off having this kind of person as an owner?
  • Holding a fantasy draft in George's office
  • The Bobby Meacham story and other abuses of power
  • Kevin's one interaction with George during a rainstorm in Tampa
  • George's phone etiquette
  • Will he even be remembered ten or twenty years from now? (nobody remembers owners)
  • Steven's collection of old radio shows (we swear, it's relevant)
  • Ten left-fielders, no shortstop, and the Don Mattingly years

92:15 Not Jim Tracy on All-Star week

94:07 Beverage talk, the value of electrolytes, stand-up comedy, Viagra

97:27 Pop Culture Moment #1: An introduction to video games and Jason getting a Playstation 3

103:49 Pop Culture Moment #2: Television — DeGrassi, Top Chef, and the rejection of real food

116:19 A tale of saffron

119:59 Recipe sharing, a tale of okra, being 20 and tan, send us your recipe (email above!)

124:34 A return to baseball as we debate Justin Smoak's ceiling

128:29 Jason scouting the New York-Penn League and a trip to Dallas for Kevin

Music is The Breeders from the album Pod copyright 1990 – 4AD Records.

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Good webisode - FYI - most Canadians don't really watch Degrassi. At least not my generation (born:1979). Although it is a real high school in the East end of the city.
Not sure about Degrassi, but Skins out of the BBC is a good guilty pleasure teen drama, with short seasons that make the time investment minimal.