Hi everyone.  I want to think all our listeners for the great feedback we've received on the first eight episodes of the podcast.  For those that have given it a spin, Jason and I are thrilled that you seem to enjoy listening to us ramble about beverages and post-modern fiction as much as you enjoy the baseball talks and all the great guests we've had so far.

For those waiting on Episode 9.0, it's unfortunately not coming tonight.  As listeners know, Jason moved this week, and with that move came an expectation that Cablevision in New York would, you know, actually show up and do their job.  That didn't happen, and Jason was without connection for us to record.

The Podcast since day one has always been an organic thing.  We recorded the first episode on a Thursday because that was the first time we were all available.  It went up the following Friday and that just kind of stuck.  That said, releasing new episodes on Friday evenings was never really an ideal setup, as it sometimes got lost in the shuffle for those that skip the weekend when it comes to sitting in front of their computers.  We will record Episode 9.0 on Tuesday, you'll see it late in the day on Wednesday, and that will be the schedule from now on. 

And once again, we are thrilled that you seem to be enjoying it as much as we enjoy putting it together.

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