…that Derek Jeter‘s "off year"
has him ninth in the AL in
Runs Above Position
? For some perspective, note that he’s 11 spots above
Ichiro, with essentially the same EqA.

…that Lou Piniella has done a great job managing the running game? The
Mariners have stolen 111 bases and been caught just 24 times, an 82% success
rate. No Mariner with at least three attempts has less than a 67% success
rate. At 36, Mark McLemore is on pace to set career highs in steals
and stolen-base percentage.

…that Sammy Sosa has 81 walks in four months? Sosa didn’t get his
81st career walk until early in his fifth major-league season.

…that the Cleveland Indians’ #3 starter in the Division Series–if they
make it that far–is almost certain to have an ERA above 5.50,
and a
Support-Neutral value of below replacement level

Rheal Cormier has given up just four home runs this season, but
that three of them have been walk-off shots (to Vladimir Guerrero,
Mike Piazza, and Todd Helton)?

…that about 20 major-league teams could use Quilvio Veras,
with the hassles his fragility creates

…that the Cubs,
once Bill Mueller returns,
are going to have a pretty nice lineup, especially if Eric Young and
Todd Hundley play to expectations?

…that according to Michael Wolverton’s metrics, every current member of
the Angels pitching staff save Mark Lukasiewicz (and, by a fraction,
Pat Rapp) is making a positive contribution?

…that Mark Sweeney, just called up by the Brewers, would make a
great pickup for your fantasy team?

…the Mets had the best trade-deadline week of anyone?

…that Joe couldn’t come up with a column idea today?

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