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Recalled C Damian Miller from Tucson; optioned LHP Ricky Pickett to Tucson.

An interesting development. To add a third catcher (who isn’t decisively better
than Fabregas or Stinnett), they dump their lone lefty reliever after barely
using him. It might mean that they’ll be trading for a new fifth starter after
Daal’s inauspicious debut in the rotation, so that he can return to the pen.
Regardless, the key feature here is that they’re vaccilating at catcher, which
means they’re casting around for unproductive ways to feel they’re doing
something about being bad.


Signed SS Ozzie Guillen; designated INF Ray Holbert for assignment. [5/6]

To rephrase the Ozzeroo, he’s worse than 90% of the people who play
shortstop in professional baseball. Ray Holbert is part of that 90%. Although
you can take the “make your manager comfortable by adding a veteran” argument
to a point, adding Guillen is well beyond a credible alternative. He isn’t a
useful everyday player, and with Weiss batting leadoff, the tactical benefit of
the double-switch involving Guillen is tenuous. He has no defensive value, he’s
one of the worst bunters you’ll see among people who feel obligated to try, and
he’s all kojones on the basepaths. Those are his strong points, since his bat
isn’t worth mentioning. To call Ozzie a fraud is, at this point, an insult to


Activated RHP Rich Garces from the DL; optioned RHP Robinson Checo to
Pawtucket. [5/7]

This move comes in conjunction with the announcement that Butch Henry is done
for the season, and the product is that the Sox have decided to move Johnny
Wasdin into the rotation. As a solution within this season and within the
organization, its the best choice if the Sox are serious about their
post-season chances. Wasdin can pitch, and probably has Bob Cluck out of his
system by now, and Garces can just as easily produce good innings as a middle
reliever as Wasdin has been able to. The only thing they need to get their best
pitching staff together now is to send the Eck off to his date with


Traded LHP Ben VanRyn to San Diego for RHP Don Wengert. [5/5]

You have three good left-handed relievers. One of them makes the league minimum
(VanRyn), one of them has just come off of an injury but has been solid for
years (Patterson), and one of them can be a useful fifth starter (Mulholland).
What do you do? If you’re the Cubs, you ignore the opportunity to trade one of
the veterans for something you can use (a major league catcher, for instance,
or even one from the Diamondbacks), or you can trade VanRyn for the new Tanyon
Sturtze. In another week or so, they’ll still have no centerfielder on the
roster, and they’ll be optioning Wengert to make room for Lance Johnson once he
heals, and Wengert won’t really help Iowa too much. Pissing away assets isn’t
something the Cubs can afford to do, but they are getting good at it.


Acquired RHP Mike Zolecki from Colorado Rockies for RHP Brian Woods. [5/5]


Designated RHP Todd Williams for assignment; activated 1B Sean Casey from the
DL. [5/5]

Activated OF Melvin Nieves from the DL; placed RHP Marc Kroon on the 15-day DL
(tendinitis); optioned RHP Todd Williams to Indianapolis, rather than designate
him for assignment. [5/7]

Casey takes over at first, making Jack McKeon’s “Perez is my first baseman”
stance last only slightly longer than you can say, “Chris Pittaro.” Nieves will
basically be restricted to pinch-hitting, and since the team already has a
stack of good alternatives in front of him, even for that, he’ll be riding pine
plenty. Losing Kroon won’t hurt, if he’s even injured (tendinitis in his
non-throwing shoulder? C’mon, make up a better one than that… ). However,
this does leave the Reds in the bizarre situation of carrying 10 pitchers, just
like teams used to do. I’m usually an advocate of carrying fewer pitchers than
teams usually do, but with David Weathers in the rotation, I think we can
safely expect a callup in the next few days.


Placed LHP Alvin Morman on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 5/4 (groin strain);
placed DH Geronimo Berroa on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 5/3 (torn plantar
fascia – right foot); recalled RHP Jason Rakers from Akron (AA). [5/5]

Signed RF Mark Whiten for the season. [5/6]

Morman shouldn’t be gone too long, which is good since he was just beginning to
pitch well. Rakers will mop up for the time being, until somebody else heals
(Doc Gooden, Morman, or eventually Paul Shuey). Whiten inherits Berroa’s role
as Brian Giles’ platoon mate, which he’s well-suited for, not to mention that
he can actually play the outfield, unlike the Chief.


Acquired RHP Brian Woods from the White Sox for RHP Mike Zolecki. [5/5]

Activated RHP Kevin Ritz from the DL; placed RHP Mark Thompson on the DL. [5/7]

I suppose if I was a Rockies fan, I could breathe a sigh of relief that
Thompson won’t be doing his Dave Telgheder impressions for awhile, but it isn’t
clear that Ritz is healthy yet. He threw poorly during his rehab, to the point
that some folks may not even notice the difference between the two.


Optioned RHP Manuel Barrios to Charlotte. [5/6]

Purchased the contract of LHP Chris Hammond from Charlotte; transferred RHP
Eric Ludwick from the 15- to the 60-day DL. [5/7]

Hammond immediately entered the rotation, and despite getting smacked around in
Charlotte (4.82 ERA), he did well enough last night against the Dodgers. For a
fifth starter while they rebuild, they could do worse.


Optioned LHP John Halama to New Orleans. [5/6]

The other shoe for this move will drop on Saturday, when its expected that Pete
Schourek will be activated to start. This is sort of unfortunate, in that
Halama was just starting to get his bearings and pitch well, but with Sean
Bergman battling arm woes and being Sean Bergman, Halama may return within the


Activated 1B/LF Jeff Conine from the DL; optioned RHP Danny Rios to Omaha.

Placed RHP Hipolito Pichardo on the 15-day DL (cracked callus on thumb);
recalled LHP Jamie Walker from Omaha. [5/6]

Conine’s return means that at least they won’t be asking Hal Morris to stumble
around the outfield anymore, although it kills off Ernie Young’s playing time
(not a major problem). Pichardo’s injury may have killed off his return to the
rotation once and for all, sort of like their flirtation with a four-man
rotation that died at the first sign of trouble. Saying that Herk Robinson is
farting around might be giving him too much credit. Walker wasn’t pitching
particularly well as a starter in Omaha (50 baserunners in 32 innings), but
he’s expected to pitch in relief for the Royals. In Pichardo’s absence, they’ve
announced that Jose Rosado will return to the rotation; my two cents is that
his five weeks in the bullpen isn’t enough to undo his exposure to Bob Boone,
and that they should have gone with Jim Pittsley.


Placed RHP Jose Mercedes on the 15-day DL (rotator cuff); recalled LHP Brad
from Louisville. [5/5]

Acquired RHP Dane Johnson from Toronto for future considerations, and assigned
him to Louisville. [5/7]

Mercedes basically hurt himself by the 7th inning of his start on April 29th,
thought he could tough it out, got shellacked even worse, and decided he might
finally mention it to somebody. I won’t take Garner to task for this being an
example of rough usage: Mercedes generally racks up low pitch counts, and
hasn’t been asked to regularly work on short rest or anything. Woodall should
be joining the bullpen, while Steve Woodard will take Mercedes’ rotation slot.
If anything, its an improvement for the Brewers. Acquiring Johnson gives
Louisville a closer in the wake of Greg Mullins’ troubles there.


Activated C Bob Henley from the DL, and optioned him to Ottawa. [5/5]


Placed C Tim Spehr on the 15-day DL (broken wrist); recalled C Todd Pratt from
Norfolk. [5/5]

Placed UT Craig Paquette on the 15-day DL (sprained ankle); recalled OF Preston
from Norfolk. [5/7]

Overall, a good set of moves, with Pratt’s addition being a major upgrade. It
took a collision at home to finally get the Mets away from their unfortunate
fascination with Spehr, and since they’re already carrying Alberto Castillo,
they need Pratt’s offense. Wilson will only be up for a four-day trip, as its
expected that he’ll go back to Norfolk when Bernard Gilkey gets activated on
Monday or so. As always, he’s still no prospect, although its nice that he had
a good debut (3 hits) with his old man coaching first.


Optioned RHP Garrett Stephenson to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. [5/5]

Here’s organizational politics for you: to take Stephenson’s spot for one start
(ie, until Mark Portugal gets activated next week), the Phillies had to call
somebody up. Calvin Maduro’s been rocked, and Randy Wolf only just got to
Scranton. Given the choice between Ryan Nye and Carlton Loewer, the Phillies
have decided to give the start to Nye. Loewer, represented and inspired by
Scott Boras (probably not so coincidentally the agent for J.D. Drew), protested
loudly. Loewer has a semi-legitimate beef: he’s definitely outpitched Nye.
However, it is only one start, and Boras’ decision to blow this into another
confrontation with the organization doesn’t seem to best represent Loewer’s
interests if its merely a ploy to make any accommodation with Drew impossible.
If so, its certainly unfortunate for Loewer.


Recalled RF Manny Martinez from Nashville; placed OF/1B Mark Smith on the
15-day DL (muscle strain). [5/5]

Martinez is up basically to eat a roster spot. None of the regular outfielders
will sit for him, Turner Ward is the first outfielder off the bench, and at
Nashville, everyone else was important or needs to play everyday. They might
have called up Adrian Brown, but that’s splitting hairs. Smith, of course, has
been playing hurt for most of the season, and finally accepted that he wasn’t
doing the team any good sticking around.


Placed 3B Ken Caminiti on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 5/2 (muscle strain);
transferred LHP Ed Vosberg from the 15- to the 60-day DL; purchased the
contract of 1B Eddie Williams from the Las Vegas. [5/5]

Traded RHP Don Wengert to the Cubs for LHP Ben VanRyn. [5/5]

Acquired RHP Scott Sanders and an undisclosed amount of cash from Detroit for a
PTBNL; assigned Sanders to Las Vegas. [5/6]

All season, the Padres have been concerned with getting a LH reliever. Imagine
their good fortune that somebody not only had one to spare, but only wanted a
raggedy mopup man in return. This ought to be one of the best deals of the
season. Purchasing Sanders is another one: at little cost to themselves, they
get a pitcher they’ve seen succeed, who apparently doesn’t have anything wrong
with him, and who may just need time away from the DH league to straighten
himself out. And lastly? Well, okay, its hard to get as enthusiastic about
another spin with Eddie Williams, the greatest Las Vegas Star, but he’ll be a
fine platoon mate for Wally Joyner, which in turn permits Bochy to shift
Cianfrocco to third, splitting up the playing time in Caminiti’s absence among
him, Ed Giovanola, and Andy Sheets. That isn’t a bad group to mix and match
from for a couple of weeks, and if Caminiti is out longer than that, they can
resort to calling up George Arias, so again, there isn’t really a downside. Not
a bad week at the office, Mr. Towers.


Activated RHP Xavier Hernandez from the 15-day DL; optioned RHP Al Levine to
Oklahoma. [5/5]

Placed OF Roberto Kelly on the 15-day DL, retroactive to 4/26 (hamstring pull);
recalled RHP Al Levine from Oklahoma. [5/7]

Speculation that Kelly’s placement on the DL is just to paper over a temporary
bullpen shortage is wrong: Kelly is hurt, otherwise you’d just send Mike Simms
away for a few days.


Activated INF Craig Grebeck from the DL; optioned LHP Steve Sinclair to
Syracuse. [5/5]

Activated RHP Kelvim Escobar from the DL; optioned RHP Carlos Almanzar to
Syracuse. [5/6]

Traded RHP Dane Johnson to Milwaukee for future considerations. [5/7]

The Jays go back to carrying three second basemen with Grebeck’s return; of
course, why they brought Fernandez in (or Pat Kelly) is an open question, since
he’s doing nothing well, especially in the field, where he’s been misplaying
the deuce. The Jays need all the offense they can get, but they’re spending
roster space and time on a strange constellation of players, with too many DHs
and secondbasemen, not enough outfielders, and nobody to spot for a decaying Ed
Sprague at third. If the Jays want to push Boston and New York, they’ll have to
straighten this nonsense out first.

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