So much to enjoy here, from us wrongly predicting that the episode would be well under two hours, to a great conversation with Jerry Crasnick of ESPN about the dynamic of the trade deadline in the modern information age.  Plus, Edwin Jackson's no-no, the Top 11 prospects still in the minors, Jason's frightening obsession with the Dallas Cowboys, some impromptu talk about the shakeup in Arizona and some babbling about the modern horror film.  As always, we hope you like listening as much as we like doing it.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 7: "Speaking Of Length . . . "

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro: Agenda review; Housekeeping; Please email us; Jason's traffic problems

4:35: Email and Twitter: Too much time; apologizing to Canada; an actual baseball email!

14:23: Baseball Talk Begins: Edwin Jackson's no-hitter and the pitch-count people (look, he's fine)

18:19: Reviewing the Top 11 Prospects still in the minor leagues and discussing each player

36:51: This week's dugout explosions: The role race plays in interpretations; do teams really need a spark?

47:00: Revisiting the use of "we": How working in baseball changes things; what is a "fan"?

49:25: Jason's unhealthy obsession with the Dallas Cowboys; seriously scary stuff

53:04: World Cup Update: I'm done with soccer, and I'm Benedict Arnold

57:51: A tangent on world travel; Jason hates sunshine and water

59:27: Special Guest Jerry Crasnick of ESPN on the trade deadline in the modern age

  • Does Cliff Lee define this year's trade market?
  • Why do people inside the game talk to us?
  • Do teams use writers to spread misinformation?
  •, Twitter and how the dynamic has changed
  • How some teams are better at keeping secrets than others
  • The public relations aspect of the 21st century general manager
  • A quick talk about Stephen Strasburg and should he be an All-Star

80:48: Not Jim Tracy on clubhouse leadership

82:32: The half hour just happened: Upheaval in Arizona and how news like this is never fun

86:08: Our Weekly Beverage Discussion:

88:07: Pop Culture Moment: The growth of Korean cinema; Jason vs. Freddy Krueger; some Polanski talk

104:42: What's Coming Up: Let's talk about Engel Beltre

117:30: Let's take a vacation . . . and out.

Music is Dianogah from the album Battle Champions copyright 2000 – Southern Records.

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aff, <3
Dianogah! Two basses, no waiting...
Kevin- Sad to admit that this is my first time listening to the Podcast. Can you explain "not Jim Tracy"? -Josh
It's someone who is not Jim Tracy, yet resembles him. Listen to some Tracy pre- or post-gamers and you'll see it.