Last week, we had an excuse for nearing the two hour mark, as our special guest was an agent, and agents, by default, talk a lot.  This week?  We have nobody to blame but ourselves, and the 2010 MLB draft.  That said, if Stephen Strasburg's debut didn't happen this week, we would have it a more reasonable length.  Because it was draft week, we are joined by special guest Keith Law of ESPN for a long conversation about, well, pretty much everything draft-related before moving onto our Pop Culture Moment and why Catcher In The Rye isn't much of a classic. 

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Note: As always, we do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 4: "The S Is Not For Sex, It's For Sports"

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Table Of Contents

0:00: Intro; Jason's new digs; Keith Law's sleep schedule; Agenda review; Housekeeping

3:50: Emails: Hipster police; Good/bad tools; The best email we've ever received (we love your mom)

10:15: The Strasburg Debut: Mom knew about it; he's still boring; Fernando-mania; Defending Cleveland

24:33: Arbitrary Draft Grades: Chicken-fried steak; Teams know better than you and I; Internet scout frauds

39:36: Gary Brown: Just because a guy doesn't walk, doesn't mean he's bad; an analysis of Shasta

50:30: Special Guest Keith Law: 2010 Draft Review

  • Hayden Simpson throwing MLB for a loop
  • Admitting that teams know way more than we do about these guys
  • Comparing players across racial lines and comparing Keith to Dustin Pedroia
  • Revisiting Gary Brown (there might be a formula for that)
  • Getting hyperbolic about the Pirates and their two big power arms
  • Arizona's surprise at six (Barret Loux); a brief look at their '09 class
  • The Mets surprise at seven (Matt Harvey)
  • Bryce Harper and the Oakland Raiders of JUCO baseball
  • Midwest players and the difficulty of scouting cold-weather kids
  • Did the Dodgers punt the 28th pick by selecting Zach Lee?

92:30: Pop Culture Moment (with Keith): Hating Catcher In The Rye

106:27: Not Jim Tracy: How important the draft is to building a winning baseball team

108:15: Wrapping up: Oh wait, let's talk about the draft some more first, my favorite '11 guy

Music is Les Savy Fav from the album Go Forth copyright 2001 – FrenchKiss Records.