The Buster Posey Era has begun in San Francisco, and it has started with a bang and a twist. Since being called up on May 30, the Giants catcher of the future is hitting .433/.452/.567, but he has been taking the field as a first baseman. Posey touched on his first week as a big leaguer prior to Saturday’s game at PNC Park, in Pittsburgh.

David Laurila: What have the big leagues been like so far?

Buster Posey: It’s been kind of a whirlwind. I flew into San Fran from Salt Like City and was playing the next day, but it has been good so far.

DL: Is there more pressure on you breaking in as a first baseman?

BP: You know, it’s still baseball, no matter where you are the field, so you’ve just got to try to prepare yourself before the game and then go out and execute.

DL: Catchers are locked in with every pitch. Is there maybe too much time to think over at first base?

BP: You know, that was one of the things, when I moved from playing shortstop to catching, that I did likebeing involved in every pitch. But maybe because first is so fresh right now, I don’t feel like that. I don’t have that feeling right now at all.

DL: Are you thinking along with the catcher from the first-base position?

BP: Yeah, sometimes, but I wouldn’t say every time. There are times where I’m thinking about where I need to position myself, or looking into the dugout for positioning, or trying to think a play ahead. If the ball is hit here, where do I need to go? So it’s kind of hard to get involved with the pitch sequence sometimes. You don’t really have time for that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it [with the catcher] on the bench.

DL: What are you thinking on the offensive side of the ball?

BP: I’m just trying to stay with a consistent approach, keep it simple and basically, right now, just get going, get comfortable, see the ball and hit the ball.

DL: Are you utilizing charts and video?

BP: I will watch video and look at charts sometimes, but not too much. It’s just something to maybe get a feel if I haven’t seen the guy before, and here I haven’t seen most of the guys, of course. But other than that, I like to go off of feel and instincts a lot.

DL: Do you think like a catcher when you’re up at the plate?

BP: I’m sure I do. I mean, I don’t know if I consciously do it, but yeah. It’s what I am.

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