We made a huge mistake this week. We realize the podcast was a bit long for some, but we liked the roughly 90 minute length, and so far, so have our listeners. Then we decided to have a special guest for this episode to talk about the draft. That guest? An agent. What do agents do for a living? Talk. Thus, we almost hit two hours, but it's a good two hours, and the table of contents let's you get to what you want to hear. Included is our rant on the reaction to Ken Griffey's retirement, our picks for current third place teams to make the playoffs, Josh Kusnick with the complete story on a pair of over-slot negotiations, including a great Jim Bowden tidbit, a debate over Nirvana's legacy and way more. Plus a challenge to our listeners to explain the Padres!

Note: As always, we do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and discussion of adult situations. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 3: "It's Too Much Me"

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Table Of Contents

0:00: Intro, Agenda Review, How To Get A Hold of Us

3:10: Viewer Mail: College kids can be stupid, robo-umps, hating Steven Goldman

6:07  Players learning lessons, behaving like a professional, leading by example

15:00 What are you drinking, giving up Coke

16:50 What We're Watching: Revisting the robo-umps, who cares if the perfect game is official?

25:48 Remembering Ken Griffey properly in old-man fashion; who's the next Griffey?

38:45 Deep Thoughts: Third place teams that could get there; picking favorites

57:12 To mock or not too mock, that is the question

68:25 Josh Kusnick Interview: Draft mechanics, Halladay's perfecto, Why Nirvina isn't good

96:57 Pop Culture Moment: Visiting Kurt Cobain's suicide house and the legacy of Nirvana (with Josh)

109:12 Not Jim Tracy: How to bring a losing team to the playoffs

110:17 Wrapping it up; if you are still listening at this point, we love you.

Music is Servotron from the album Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety), copyright 1998 – Lookout Records.

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Best podcast ever, although I have some major issues with the Nirvana debate, one being that Bleach (heavily underrated) was not mentioned once. Please keep this going, even if I'm the only listener.