Up And In Episode 2: "Is It Big Or Is It Small?"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Welcome: Agenda review, how to get a hold of us, waiting for Steve Jobs to listen

5:17 Viewer Mail: "We" vs. "They", playing the hipster card, a long discussion on shirts

11:12 What We've Been Watching: Beginning of the ump talk, more shirts, a brief tirade against those (some) that scout by video

29:55 Deep Thoughts: Untrustworthy first place rotations, Bryce Harper's leverage, bottled water vs. tap

47:28 The Big Issue: The problem with modern umps, a robotic Joe West that fires missiles (Special guest Jay Jaffe)

61:39 NOT Jim Tracy: On umpiring

63:53 This Week In Culture: A tribute to Gary Coleman, I'm comfortable with my beverages, the very special episode

74:36 Finishing Up: The draft bunker, finishing assignments, what's coming up this week, why Jason sounds sad

Music is Handsome Boy Modeling School from the album So. . . How's Your Girl?, copyright 1999 – Elektra Records.