"Tonight we were making up for the first month.
Even when we were up by 10, you still wanted to beat
the ball up."

Bobby Higginson, Tigers outfielder

"Hitters have got to be hitters first — homers
will take care of themselves. I’m a line-drive hitter
with home-run pop. I’m not a home-run hitter."

Mo Vaughn, Red Sox infielder

"The one thing you can’t give the guys as hitting
instructor is courage and heart. You can give them all
the training, but ultimately it is up to them, once
they get up to the plate, to perform."

Gary Matthews, Blue Jays hitting coach


"I’m the happiest guy on the team. They gave me an
opportunity to pitch and I don’t want to lose it. I’m
pitching to every batter like it’s the last batter of
the season, and it’s fun. I’m really enjoying this."

Jose Lima, Astros pitcher

"You live and die with it, and hopefully, you
don’t die too much."

Dennis Springer, Devil Rays pitcher, on his

"It’s nice to have a healthy year and put up some
innings and shut some people up."

Jamie Moyer, Mariners pitcher

"I said the other day that either [Pedro] Astacio
or [Darryl] Kile, one of those guys, has to get us
started on a roll. Astacio gave us a good start at home
and Darryl picked it up on the road. One of those guys
has to give us the momentum so we can start winning

Don Baylor, Rockies manager

"Last night, I was thinking that I was the guy who
started the losing streak. So I thought I’d start the
winning streak."

Rolando Arrojo, Devil Rays pitcher, on his
first major league shutout


"I have no regrets about having pitched when
salaries were far lower. That was my time and I loved
it. There is too much talk today about the money in

Sandy Koufax, former player

"I’ve said the ultimate mistake in baseball is to
have a payroll between $35 million and $40 million.
There’s no sense in it. You will not win and you will
lose money."

Claude Brochu, Expos owner

"I have no problems in my life. I have
a beautiful family. I still got my parents. I love
life. I especially like playing baseball and getting

Vinny Castilla, Rockies infielder


"Everyone goes through slumps in this game. I’m
not the first guy this has happened to, and I won’t be
the last. All you can do is remain focused and keep
working through it."

Todd Hollandsworth, Dodgers outfielder

"There’s no pressure now. I’m just having a lot of
fun. That’s the key. Every time I get an opportunity to
play, I try to make the best of it. We have a pretty
good team that understands the game."

Darryl Strawberry, Yankees outfielder

"I missed it, I missed it, I missed it. I wish I
could tell you the sun was in my eyes or I lost it in
the lights. I must have had a set of demons play with
my glove."

Jermaine Allensworth, Pirates outfielder

"This kid can catch and throw with anybody, and he
calls a good game. It’s funny, but everybody I’ve
talked to on the coaching staff thinks Charlie [Greene]
will probably hit better on the big-league level than
the minors because they throw more strikes."

Ray Miller, Orioles manager

"If you get a player who helps you win and the
player you trade helps the other team win, fine.
Everybody’s happy and it’s easier to make a trade the
next time."

Kevin Towers, Padres GM

"When you’ve been in the game as long as I have,
you just know. I had a feeling for a long time it was
going to happen. I’m disappointed because I wanted to
play here all year, but I couldn’t. I think I played
good for them here. I don’t have any regrets. It’s just
part of the game."

Ozzie Guillen, on being released by the

"My big goal is to stay healthy. This team has got
places to go, and I want to be a part of it."

Russ Davis, Mariners infielder

"Now if you question them they’ve got to cuss at
you, seems like. I think the league or somebody’s got
to do something about the way the umpires are nowadays
— it’s getting out of hand."

Rickey Henderson, A’s outfielder

"First base was once seen only as an offensive
position. The old school was wrong and Wally [Joyner]
helped prove that to me."

Rob Picciolo, Padres bench coach

"I think [Edgar Renteria] has unbelievable
concentration in big situations, the best concentration
I’ve seen."

Jim Leyland, Marlins manager

"It doesn’t hurt to run. It doesn’t hurt to throw.
It only hurts when I sneeze. I sneezed last night in my
condo, and I wanted to jump off the balcony."

Norm Charlton, Orioles pitcher, on his broken

"Yeah, this is going to be a different year as far
as stolen bases go. Like I’m telling Royce [Clayton],
stolen bases are not really the most important thing
with [Mark] McGwire and Ray [Lankford] coming up."

Delino DeShields, Cardinals infielder

"From my past three seasons, I’ve come to
understand that it’s a long year. And at the end of the
year, that’s the final result. Who remembers what you
did in April? You don’t judge a season by April."

Charles Johnson, Marlins catcher

"It’s a nice rumor that Toronto wants me, and
it’d be nice to play in front of Canadian fans, but I’m
staying in Oakland, and I’ll try to stay here until
they kick me out of baseball."

Matt Stairs, A’s outfielder

"There’s no use rehashing what went on last year.
I’m not looking back. I’m looking forward."

Kevin Brown, Padres pitcher

"I think we’re a little more mature, we’re a year
older than we were, and we should be playing better no
matter what league we’re playing in."

Phil Garner, Brewers manager

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