In my current capacity of Executive Editor at BP, I don't end up taking on many PSA chores, and that's just as well. I have even less talent for speechifying; I figure you'd find much of it dull stuff in the first place. Four-scoring and holding truths to be self-evident can make for heavy treading, and who needs that when we're delivering baseball content here–content in all sorts of forms, and coming at the game from all sorts of directions to provide you with our blend of analysis, insight, and opinion.

But one thing we've found since launching our weekend content a couple of years and adding it to the lineup is that it hasn't really drawn a big audience. As we expand on our bloggier contributions while also making over the data and data presentation sides of the site, we've come to the conclusion that weekend content wasn't really working. Because we've got an expanded commitment to blog content while retaining standalone article content Monday-Friday, we don't expect this to radically change our coverage: we'll pack more column content into Monday-Friday, we'll still be posting blog content over the weekends, and there won't be any less coverage of baseball as a result.

If we'd found a stronger audience response, we'd be happily providing for it. But the traffic numbers don't lie, and it leads us to a conclusion that we're better off accepting that you treat your weekend surfing differently than your weekday surfing. If that means we're reliably fulfilling our place in the economy by distracting all y'all while you're at the office, then that's where you'll find us. As I like to kid, we've been undermining workplace productivity since 1996, so we'll keep on keeping on where that's concerned.

With that, here's hoping you enjoy the day's games, and a full slate (and then some) of content tomorrow morning.