Jason Jaramillo is working to get better and he is doing so in relative obscurity. When you’re the backup catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, that comes with the territory. A 27-year-old native of Racine, Wisconsin, the switch-hitting Jaramillo has four hits in 20 at-bats thus far this season.

On his career thus far: “I achieved a big dream last year by getting to the major leagues and I just want to build off of that and continue to grow as a player. I hope to continue to expand my skills, and polish them, and continue to play well.”

On how he views himself as a catcher: “I take tremendous pride in my defense, so as far as that is concerned I consider myself a defensive catcher. Hopefully my offense will come around a bit more. I’ll continue to work on that, switch hitting, and it’s a work in progress.”

On scouting reports: “You’ve got to know your opponent. There’s a great amount of time that goes into studying scouting reports and knowing the hitters on opposing teams. In that capacity, it’s a big deal. You have to do your homework and be prepared. Everybody has scouting reports, hitters on pitchers and pitchers on hitters. It’s continuous work.”

On earning the respect of a pitching staff: “It takes time, catching bullpens and working with them on sides and in games. It’s just catching them continuously. Like with anything, it takes time. One thing I really like about catching is that I have to be continuously learning. There are things here and there that I have to know and it’s my job to make sure that I’m making those adjustments for my pitchers in order for them to be successful. I take pride in that.”

On growing up in Wisconsin: “It was very, very cold. We didn’t get many games in, high school-wise, but I love it there. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to have grown up. I had a blast. I worked hard, and so far it has worked out for me.”