Why keeping Jason Heyward in the minors would have been the wrong decision, even considering service time.
Peter Hjort shows that Heyward has more than earned the $4 million or so the Braves would have gained from keeping him in Triple-A for two weeks. 

What is the deal with Jay Bruce and BABIP? Red Reporter remains somewhat optimistic.
I was as bounceback-optimistic about Bruce as anyone. At what point does low-BABIP become an expectation rather than the opposite?

Do players who get plunked often influence their teammates to do the same?
Plunk Everyone offers some evidence to that effect. I wonder if the result would stand up to a WOWY type analysis.

Phil Birnbaum has an interesting look at why teams pay the same amount, on average, for a win
Interestingly, he derives a sort of demand curve for wins. The model is confounded by several of his assumptions, but it is a fascinating read nonetheless.

Old-timey video of Christy Mathewson's pitching mechanics.
Here also is video of Sandy Koufax. Koufax had a much more over-the-top delivery than Mathewson.

How Ryan Dempster is like Yossarian.
I guess that would make Jim Hendry Major Major Major Major?

DRaysBay looks at how many PAs it takes for statistics to stabilize.
A good April reminder. He cites as his source some guy named "Pizza Cutter." Lord knows who that might be

How Robinson Cano was almost a Texas Ranger
Was the mistake here overvaluing Joaquin Arias or undervaluing Cano?

This is a sensational play.

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