There is an apparent lack of evidence of racial bias in the free agent market.
Elsewhere, J.C. Bradbury surveyed the scholarly literature and came to a similar conclusion.

A nice JavaScript visualization of 2009 win percentages by games played.
You can mouseover each team to get a sense of where they stood in relation to their final mark at various stages of the season. 

Mark Cuban speaks and hedge funds are formed.
The idea is for a hedge fund that invests only in sports betting. I have to say, this does not strike me as a particularly inspired idea.

Eric Nusbaum on coaching a Little League team and the wisdom of Young Eric Bruntlett.
I think I will start yelling "MUFFINS!" a little bit more often. What can little kids learn from blowouts, do you think?

Larry Granillo's Home Run Tracker is a fun idea.
He times each player's time around the bases after home runs and keeps a running tally. Here are the most recent times.

Sorry, owners of T206 Honus Wagner cards, The History Bluff has some bad news.
What would you do if you actually found such a suitcase located in an attic? Sell them? How quickly?

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