"I don’t believe in curses. Wake up the Bambino and I’ll face him. Maybe
I’ll drill him in the ass. Pardon the bad word."

Pedro Martinez, Red Sox pitcher, on the Curse

"I’m starting to hate talking about the Yankees. The questions are so
stupid. They’re wasting my time. It’s getting kind of old."



"I think I had about nine beers. We almost ran out."

Mark Grace, Diamondbacks infielder, on what he did in the clubhouse after
leaving in the seventh inning of an 18-inning marathon

"If you grade out the tools of Jason Giambi and Mo Vaughn, they don’t
project. They’re just MVPs. Look, the bat has to come first. We all love
these athletes and tools guys, but if they don’t hit, they can’t play."

Billy Beane, Athletics GM

"I went out to there and Jerry Layne told me the ball boy was in play. I
told him, ‘He’s too damn fat to be in play.’ I told him to get him out of
there because he couldn’t get out of the way of the ball. Layne asked me,
‘Are you serious?’ I told him, I’m as serious as a heart attack.’"

Charlie Manuel, Indians manager, after outfielder Marty Cordova
was unable to field a ball under the ball boy, who Manuel then wanted thrown out

"I don’t feel I’ve hurt the team."

Harold Baines, White Sox DH, on his terrible start

"If he’s not hitting, he doesn’t. And he hasn’t hit thus far. But there is a
calming persona, a clubhouse persona, you don’t see. There are other things
the man brings to the table."

Ken Williams, White Sox GM


"I don’t care what the score is. I don’t want anybody throwing a perfect
game against me. I don’t care if the guy’s got a 10-run lead, I’ll do
whatever I can to break up that perfect game. Are you kidding me?"

Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers Senior Vice President, on outrage
over Ben Davis‘s bunt single to break up Curt Schilling‘s perfect game


"Call it bitter if you want, or disappointed, whatever term you want. It
felt like I got cheated out of something."

Bob Brenly, Diamondbacks manager, on not getting a send-off from the
Giants after working for them for more than 13 years

"I thought they hired a bad general manager who doesn’t know how to put a
team together or hire a staff to help a team win, and he went and got some
veteran guys who aren’t really leaders."

Cory Lidle, Athletics pitcher, on the Devil Rays, his former team


"It’s always good to see Mark [McGwire] because he’s good for the game.
After he hit the home run, I was a little less glad to see him."

James Mouton, Brewers outfielder

"After three days of managing, I proved to myself I can do it."

Tony Perez, Marlins manager, on taking on his new job


"The current Major League lineup does not effect the strategy we use in the
draft much. Mostly we use the best player available strategy. The exception
to this is if an aging player on the ML club has limited time left and the
draft would fill a void quickly."

Mike Rizzo, Diamondbacks Director of Scouting


"With him every day, he probably means two to three runs defensively a game
for us. He may not drive them in, but he saves them."

Tony Muser, Royals manager, on infielder Rey Sanchez

"That’s not an issue. What we need is players to start performing to their
capabilities and not worry about the manager."

Gerry Hunsicker, Astros general manager, on rumors manager
Larry Dierker would be fired

"Jim Beattie is the general manager we want to be with for a long time to
come. Jim Beattie does things that are not recognized in the media. Jim
Beattie does not leak stuff to the media. He is professional, and the reason
the media doesn’t treat him well is because they only treat well people who
leak inappropriate information."

David Samson, Expos Executive Vice President

"You’re asking a guy who swung at the first pitch a lot. I still got my 80
walks a year, but I think it’s a bit of a misnomer. There are times when you
have to work the count and try to get a walk. But there are times when you
get your pitch and you have to try and do some damage. The important thing
is to have a high on-base percentage."

Davey Lopes, Brewers manager, asked about the importance of leadoff
hitters drawing walks

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