What percentage of World Series winners were above average in OBP? provides the answer in the form of an interactive infographic. Did you know 87% of WS winners had an above average defensive efficiency? Is the result a cause or an effect?

You sort of have to see Sammy Gervacio's new stare-down to believe it.
A good first outing means we can expect more in the future. Here's a brief video of the insanity

What should we make of the Randy Levine-Mark Attanasio spat?
Does your answer change in light of the revelation that MLBPA will pursue an investigation into claims of collusion? How about in light of the Attanasios' recent $1 million donation to charity?

The 2010 Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the Prospectus Way.
By the way, it is my understanding that Christina still has an electronic copy of the missing Cardinals chapter from the original annual in the volcano hideout if anyone needs it.