Ichiro Suzuki is the most interesting player in baseball.
I almost think other nominations for the spot are laughable, but try in the comments if you wish. In this clip, he pitches during a 1996 Japanese All-Star Game. His fastball tops out at about 90 miles per hour.

Because 2900 words on ERA+ just aren't enough, Patriot goes above and beyond.
Sean Forman recently (and accidentally) changed and changed back the way ERA+ is calculated on Baseball-Reference. It's an interesting question how best to do it, but Patriot canvasses the concerns exquisitely.

Vin Scully, Sandy Koufax, and the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers: Stan Opdyke listens to the 1957 season.
I especially enjoy the description of the September 8th game at the Polo Grounds, in fact the final game between the Dodgers and Giants played there.

The Whiz Kids and arbitration.
In other words, "All right, you got a deal. Now get somebody else to cut your grass!"

A very nice attempt at answering the catcher framing problem.
The results suggest good catcher framing can result in a swing of several wins. I'm not sure that jibes with my intuition but it certainly bears further interest.

How not to endear yourself to the new boss.
Hideki Matsui hit Arte Moreno's custom Mercedes with a home run ball. Moreno remained in his seat when employees brought him the ball and informed him of the damage.

The Pirates have an interesting new lineup
Pirates fans, are you ready to see the pitcher hit eighth and 'Cutch sac bunt? WHYGAVS is concerned about the latter.

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I got a few nominations, and they are all laughable (as in, hilarious). Jason Bay wrote this, seriously ( "Well, I had barely got the last word out when Ichiro says something in Japanse. Then his translator turns to me, deadpanned and straight-faced and says, “I’m going to mess with your house.” The way he said it was malicious, and Ichiro is on the floor dying laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. I was just like, “OK, I’ll see you guys out there.” I didn’t know what to say. It was weird." Ichiro's All-Star Game speech, a personal favorite Ichiro thing of mine ( "Every year, after the AL manager addresses his team, Ichiro bursts from his locker, a bundle of kinetic energy, and proceeds, in English, to disparage the National League with an H-bomb of F-bombs, stunning first-timers who had no idea Ichiro speaks the queen’s language fluently and making returnees happy that they had played well enough to see the pep talk again. The tradition began in 2001, Ichiro’s first All-Star appearance, and the AL hasn’t lost a game since. Coincidence? Um. No. “I know how important it is to the game,” Ichiro said. “I’m more concentrated at that moment than I am in the game.” A wide grin spread across his face. Ichiro’s secret had been exposed, so, hey, why not have fun with it?" How about an Ichiro-Ken Griffey Jr. tickling match? ( "Ichiro Suzuki spreads a towel on the carpeted floor in front of his locker, lies on his back and begins doing stretching exercises. From Ichiro's blind side, Ken Griffey Jr. pounces, gets his hands deep under Ichiro's armpits and digs in with his fingers. Ichiro's laughter is almost childlike – genuine and uncontrolled – and after about five seconds he screams the magic word to make Griffey stop. Junior stands up, walks back to his locker and sits down. Ichiro lies quietly for a moment, letting his body relax, then goes back to stretching as if nothing had happened." Ichiro: Sabermetrician ( "Asked whether he is more locked in at the plate than ever before, he demurred. "It's impossible to prove that," he said through his ever-present interpreter. "Please analyze it among yourselves. I cannot."" This page of Ichiro quotes is classic, particularly these two ( "I'm told I either look bigger than I do on television or that I look smaller than I look on television. No one seems to think I look the same size." And: "Chicks who dig home runs aren't the ones who appeal to me. I think there's sexiness in infield hits because they require technique. I'd rather impress the chicks with my technique than with my brute strength. Then, every now and then, just to show I can do that, too, I might flirt a little by hitting one out."
Is there a book you would recommend about Ichiro? I need a book to read on my upcoming vacation.