Shawn Hoffman and his buddy Matt have created the most useful Chrome extension yet.
Or, Shawn Hoffman have a hot dog with me. The tool allows you search nearly every baseball site in existence for a single player all at once. You can download it here.

Baseball-reference is adding new splits, including one for how pitchers perform based on run support. 
Sean Forman reminds us that this is a useful demonstration of Simpson's Paradox. It is also commonly applied to batting averages.

Via Geoff Young, here is the Seamheads National Pastime Almanac.
The downloadable database allows you to find streaks, leaderboards, records, and awards. Unfortunately, it is Windows only at the moment. It's at times like this I am glad I dual boot Windows 7.

Caryn at MetsGrrl draws our attention to MLB's new Victoria's Secret line of apparel.
She wonders why a slice of the population that makes up 45% of the market has to settle for a second-class, completely gendered type of merchandise with absolutely no choices otherwise. She is completely right.

How well does FIP correlate with fastball velocity?
Unsurprisingly, the correlation is negative. The r-squared is 0.14 and the slope of the best fit line appears to be about -0.8. That strikes me as pretty high. What do you think?