Minor league players aren't paid very well, as this hilarious video starring outfielder Fernando Perez reminds us.
I live in Brooklyn, and I will now be looking out for Fernando Perez, realtor in Park Slope. Minor leaguers did, however, get a raise in their per diem recently.

Satchel Price at BtB attempts to put a dollar value on KG's farm system rankings.
Unsurprisingly, Tampa Bay is #1. But I bet you can't guess either #2 or #3 (hint: neither is Texas).

Are elite relievers more valuable in fantasy than you think?
Or, why Papelbon minus Rodney equals Wandy Rodriguez minus Jon Garland.

Speaking of elite relievers, here's a nice profile of Mariano Rivera.
He was briefly a fisherman, a mechanic, and a shortstop. Sometimes, your calling finds you only after some time.

3:10 to Joba offers the anatomy of an inconsistent young starter.
Does this look like the repertoire of a bullpen ace or a starter? On second thought, don't answer that.