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"I would have to think that if you put a
risk-factor on a position, pitchers would be the
highest risk and catchers would be the next highest

Bob Melvin, Rangers GM

"I think Peter Gammons said one knee was bone on
bone. That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever

Mike Piazza, Dodgers catcher


"The book says you’ve got to run through the bag
because it’s quicker. I don’t know anybody who’s proved
that. I think if it’s a bang-bang play, you might get
the call for effort."

Ray Miller, Orioles manager, on sliding into

"I’ve hit the ball well. Unfortunately, there are
guys out there who catch them. But if I continue to
have quality at-bats, good things are going to

Mike Bordick, Orioles infielder

"I was disappointed that they wanted to give the
[shortstop] job to Benji Gil. I’ve been playing better
than Benji Gil my whole career."

Ozzie Guillen, Orioles infielder


"I really believe half the thing about pitching in
[Coors Field] is that a lot of pitchers psyche themselves
out before they get here, and I admit I used to be one
of those guys."

Denny Neagle, Braves pitcher

"[Coors Field] is one of the best places to hit,
not just because of the altitude but also because of
the background and the dimensions. I’ve had a few good
games here."

Greg Colbrunn, Rockies infielder


"[Randy Johnson’s] been throwing at me since ’92.
A lot of guys laugh about it, but it’s not funny."

Kenny Lofton, Indians outfielder

"If you’re going to talk trash to our team, we’re
going to retaliate. Sometimes you have to stand up to
the bully."

Alex Rodriguez, Mariners infielder


"Right now you could call us a contender."

Fred McGriff, Devil Rays infielder

"I’m thinking, seriously, of having relief pitchers
start games. And having the starter for that day come in
in relief about the third inning. Really, what do we
have to lose? We’re losing anyway and I, for one, am
sick and tired of it."

Lou Piniella, Mariners manager

"We haven’t seen Vince Coleman since spring
training. We have to send scouts to see him first, and
even when they see him for themselves, we have to
discuss it further, you know, does it make sense? And
that part of it has yet to happen."

Joe Garagiola Jr., Diamondbacks GM

"I’m not in a battle with the front office. The
fight is against the team we’re playing out there."

Mo Vaughn, Red Sox infielder

"I love the Yankees. I love the Mets. I love
baseball. But I will not go to a game because major
league teams played on Good Friday."

John O’Connor, archbishop of New York

"Ben [Grieve] is one of those rare players who
figures things out once he’s faced someone two or three
times, and his gait is very deceiving. He’s a special
kid, and a special player."

Denny Walling, A’s hitting coach

"It was a good thing no one was in the stands at
Yankee Stadium when the 500-pound beam fell. Someone
would have stolen it."

Craig Kilborn, talk show host

"Every team goes through a stretch like this
during the season. It’s important, when you’ve played
11 games of 162, that you put it in perspective and
play better tomorrow."

Buddy Bell, Tigers manager, on his team’s 3-8

"I know my elbow incredibly well."

Mark Langston, Padres pitcher

"I don’t want to be the bad guy, and I hope people
understand my situation. The Braves gave $24 million to
me, and [the Rockies] didn’t want to. But whoever they
gave that much money to, I think I put up better
numbers than they did, and they gave it to them. I
don’t know why they didn’t want to give it to me."

Andres Galarraga, Braves infielder

"I thought our pitching staff would be our secret
weapon. I thought we had a good staff. I still think
this is a quality staff."

Mike Lansing, Rockies infielder

"It is disappointing. Our offense is very, very
inconsistent. We don’t know what’s going on from day to
day. They’re professional hitters. They should be
producing. It’s hard to know what they’re thinking."

Tim Johnson, Blue Jays manager

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