History nerds should especially love Wezen-Ball's history of the batting helmet.
It's unexpectedly thorough and typically fascinating. Larry demonstrates the power of Google's search tools as well as anyone.

If your goal is to improve umpiring, whom should you fire?
J.C. Bradbury says firing supervisors and hiring retired umpires is not a solution at all. What do you think?

A tribute to the Mets who shuffled off this Flushing Meadows in 2009.
"Could Tim Redding throw the Mets’ first no-hitter? No, I soon found out…"

A very nifty tool to visualize ball in play locations.
You can superimpose any stadium for any player. Of course, it only displays were the ball was fielded (not where it landed).

How helpful have Braves' GM Frank Wren's transactions been?
Peter Hjort offers a breakdown of each major transaction, and so far it's a mixed bag. Especially interesting is his chart of Gorkys Hernandez's value over time. 

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Neat concept.