As the BP Fantasy crew gears up for a new season, our own John Burnson reminds everyone that Heater Magazine has begun publishing its daily PDF of box scores, The Rundown. Don't miss a box score today, this weekend, or any day for the rest of the season. Subscribers to Heater receive a nifty little PDF via email (in Spring Training, it's usually sent in the evening after the games). This perk lasts through the regular season and the play-offs. Get a free issue of The Rundown here.

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What does the color-coding mean?
Its to show who did what, like blue is for HR, purple is for SB. I like the idea of color coding it so it's easy to see who is dropping bombs
I don't mean to be rude, but what is the point of "The Rundown"? It appears to just be a boxscore with HR, SB, W, and SV highlighted. Is it really that tough to look for that info? The value of the actual Heater Magazine is obvious, but I don't see the value-add of The Rundown. What am I missing?
It's not tough to do, but this is quite a bit faster. A single-page of boxscores like this went away with the newspaper and going game-by-game on ESPN etc gets annoying. I kinda like this. It's useful for sure. Gavin AG 698
Pikapp383.... Some of us old folks grew up reading the box scores in the newspaper. That is without a doubt my favorite thing to do during baseball season. However, I don't like flipping through box scores at work on the net. I would rather click on the Rundown, print out very easy to read box scores, and have them right at my fingertips. Not sure why the negativity, this is a very good thing in my opinion. Hats off to BP for adding the Rundown !!!! (Just another reason to renew my subscription)
Just to be clear, this is not part of BP. Rob's discussing "Heater." We do not have rights to run box scores.
The value of The Rundown is to simply have ALL the box scores to ALL the games in one place. I like to print it out and go over it with that first cup of coffee in the morning. Later on, I'll pull it out of my pocket, unfold it and go over it again. It's surprising what I missed the first or second time through it.
A box score service I would like to see would be a minor league version of The Rundown. A daily email that would include all the previous day's box scores for the minor league affiliates of a particular franchise. If I could get all of the Reds minor league affiliates' box scores in a single email instead of having to sort my way through Minor League Baseball's site, that would be great.