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"I think I kissed Omar once before, maybe in ’98 or ’99. He just smiled. I
think he was as happy as I was."

Dave Burba, Indians pitcher, after kissing infielder Omar Vizquel,
who helped Burba win his 100th game

"I think that’s the second teammate I’ve kissed in my career."

Dave Burba, Indians pitcher, not naming the second teammate

"A couple of guys said they think Omar would rather have had a thousand
bucks. Because last week, Chuck Finley offered anybody who drove in the
game-winning run $1,000. But just getting a kiss–that’s worth a thousand
bucks, don’t you think? People just don’t realize the value of a kiss."

Dave Burba, Indians pitcher

"It’s not something I want to do on a daily basis. But I kiss my son, right?
And I consider Omar like one of my boys."

Dave Burba, Indians pitcher


"I’m frustrated right now. Ten years in the majors and for not moving a
runner over…he takes me out of the game. That’s ridiculous. I’ve never
seen something like that. I feel like I’m under a microscope for everything
I do."

Vinny Castilla, Devil Rays infielder, after being removed
from a game

"It was the right time. I think he feels that in his mind, and we feel it in

Chuck LaMar, Devil Rays general manager, on giving Castilla his
unconditional release two days later

"Things just didn’t work out for me here. I couldn’t get it going. Nobody is
happy when you are released…maybe somewhere else things will work out."

Vinny Castilla, former Devil Rays infielder


"I think it goes beyond the contract. I think it’s more that I care too much
about what this team does and its success. I have to go back to simplifying
things and not try to do too much. The temptation is to hit a five-run homer
with nobody on base."

Alex Rodriguez, Rangers infielder, after an 0-for-5 night


"I don’t play this game for them. I play it for my teammates. Being a real
fan means taking your bumps and bruises along the way. I’ve got more respect
for them if they boo me every time instead of only cheering when I do
something good."

Marvin Benard, Giants outfielder, on San Francisco fans who regularly boo
him but who cheered his home run


"This was a game to put in a time capsule and let people of the future watch

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks pitcher, on his 20-strikeout start

"It was ridiculous. You know, he throws that batting-practice fastball 92 or
93, and there were a lot of times tonight I thought he was throwing his
fastball that speed, and it was 98. It was so easy, with no effort, on any
of his pitches, sliders, everything."

Steve Finley, Diamondbacks outfielder

"When a guy gets going like that, you can just put your glove on your head.
They’re not going to hit the ball."

Mark Grace, Diamondbacks infielder


"What they’re saying is, we’re not going to maintain this pace. But there
are two things you can count on to stay consistent–speed and defense. And
a third thing, if we stay healthy, is pitching. We think those things will
stay consistent all season. They’re not going to change."

Pat Gillick, Mariners GM


"I was looking right down there and I just didn’t see it. I had a little
more on my mind than what he was doing with his hands, and I flat-out missed

David Dellucci, Diamondbacks outfielder, on missing his coach’s
"take" sign for a pitch on which he homered

"If you hit in the seats, it’s a freebie."

Bob Brenly, Diamondbacks manager, on whether Dellucci would be
fined for missing the sign


"Wow, let’s have a party. It’s weird. I’ve been telling people for the last
two, three weeks, I feel like I’m seven years younger. It’s just amazing. My
arm feels better than it has in seven years."

John Burkett, Braves pitcher, on going seven innings or more in
his last six starts


"He threw one 100 mph and I was like, ‘This guy is throwing cheese.’ When
you see a guy like that, you just need to relax, trust your body and let
things happen."

Albert Pujols, Cardinals infielder, on hitting against Cubs pitcher
Kyle Farnsworth

"We’ve been giving away outs like government cheese."

Mike Piazza, Mets catcher, on his team’s woes

"Some of the biggest rallies I’ve witnessed in all my years in baseball
started with sacrifice bunts."

Felipe Alou, Expos manager

"That’s a lot of walks. I’m not going to lie to anybody, that’s ridiculous.
But you can’t tell me anything right now that’s going to take me down. I’ll
take nine walks, any way, shape. I don’t know what else to say. I’m on cloud
nine right now. This is the highlight of my life right now."

AJ Burnett, Marlins pitcher, on his nine-walk, one-HBP no hitter

"Houdini still lives, for now."

Danny Graves, Reds pitcher, on escaping a bases-loaded inning against the

"I’m going to take my suspension like a man. I can’t believe Payton didn’t
get a one-day suspension. I’m disappointed that it happened. He was the one
trying to kill me."

Jose Lima, Astros pitcher, on his five-game suspension for hitting Mets
outfielder Jay Payton with a pitch, after which Payton charged the mound

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