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I say it's about time shirts began pulling their weight. Luckily, engineering students at Northeastern University have developed a shirt that can log data on a pitcher's mechanics.
The students claim it can identify deteriorating mechanics in real-time, since it can read out to a computer monitor in a stadium.

Larry Granillo has compiled a timeline of all major league stadiums, arranged by franchise.
He has also marked all pennants and World Series victories on the timeline.

Justin Inaz provides a useful reference of run environments of all major and minor leagues from 2007-2009.
He has also included a BaseRuns model's estimate of runs at each level.

Is Tim Lincecum further proof that pitchers with certain repertoires exhibit reverse platoon advantages? When it comes to batters, I'm an avowed agnostic on the subject of individual platoon splits.
But for pitchers? Perhaps there is more room for heterodoxy.

Interviewed in Science Daily, Kerry Whisnant says otherwise equal teams with high slugging percentages have less variation in runs scored.
An additional conclusion is that, since teams with narrower distributions of runs scored are more consistent, they win more games. More from Cyril Morong here.

Bugs Bunny is a five-tool player, no doubt about it.
Yippity, yip, that's all, folks.

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